Importance of PET CT Scan after Bone Marrow Transplant


The bone marrow transplant is a complicated process. It includes a lot of tests before and after the surgery. A bone marrow transplant procedure faces a lot of challenges like finding the suitable donor, the proper health of the patient and many post-surgical complications. Most of them are curable through proper medication and treatment. PET scanning is one of the post-surgical tests which have a huge importance on the health of the patient. Bone marrow transplant has now become a common procedure to treat lymphoma or Hodgkin’s disease or any other type of malignancies. PET scanning can detect the behaviour of the cell in the body after harvesting the bone marrow.

When people are detected with some type of malignancies like lymphoma, leukaemia etc. doctors decide to do the bone marrow transplantation procedure. In this process, the first thing to do is to find a suitable donor and after matching all the criteria do the surgery. They take the bone marrow from any flat bone like iliac bone and implant it in the body of the patient. Sometimes the collected bone marrow is stored for future use. After the surgery is done doctors keep the patient under the supervision and check if the surgery is fine. PET or Positron Emission Tomography test can detect the cancerous cells in the patient’s body after the surgery and chemotherapy.

This test involves the use of a compound namely fluorine-18-fluorodeoxyglucose or FDG which is somehow similar to glucose. After the surgery body needs to uptake a huge amount of glucose in order to recover the hematopoietic cells. Therefore, the results of this test can be obtained by checking whether the cells are uptaking the required amount of glucose or not.  PET-CT monitors the need of the patient whether the patient needs more intense radiation or chemotherapy and this test also can detect if the cells are responding to the test or not. The images of PET-CT scan show the metabolic activity of the cells and are able to detect the minimal residue of cancerous tissue in the body. The PET-CT scan is now an important matter to research about. Recent studies show that this test cannot be done in everyone during the radiation therapy. But as the results of this test are more accurate than any other test this test is now preferred by many doctors for post-surgical surveillance.  The bone marrow transplant cost in india is way cheaper than any other place but the quality of the treatment is quite same of them.

A surgery needs a lot of things such as various tests for proper imaging of the disease and other things then medications, injections and many more. For these things, people will need a lump-sum amount of money in their hand. The government also takes initiatives to help those people who are suffering from cancer. There are also some insurance companies who offer medical expenses. Therefore, lack of money is not a problem anymore. Anyone can get the treatment from the hospitals.

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