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Everybody wants to make Jammu and Kashmir trip at least once in a lifetime. The beautiful valleys of Ladakh and the astounding trek routes of Leh are not to be missed. It is difficult to get there because there are seasonal factors, safety factors, landslides, and permit issues that leave very little room for your Leh Ladakh tour plan. But if you keep at it, you will find the chance to visit at least once. If you are a first time visitor, you will need some guidance for your health and safety on your trip to this boldly beautiful and dangerously rugged place.

Not for the Faint-hearted

Ladakh is known for its serene monasteries, original Tibetan cuisine, the green valleys and rugged brown mountains, the passes and lakes that freeze up in winters, and all beautiful things. Leh is known for its beautiful passes and roads for trekking and aggressive riding. The routes aren’t for the faint-hearted. The roads aren’t for an amateur. To be honest, a Leh Ladakh trip is not for physical comfort. It is for the adventure and thrill of getting out of your comfort zone, going closer to nature.

You can be just as close to nature even on a virgin beach, in slippers and shorts, and all the comfort you could think of. But a Audi Business Contract Hire Leh Ladakh tour is for those who want to embrace the ruggedness of nature, and thrive in the beauty of gigantic mountains staring down at us, reminding us how little creatures we are.

Go for it

Let the real talk about the difficulties of a Leh Ladakh trip help you get physically prepared. Mini Business Contract Hire Don’t let it scare you out of your plans. It isn’t difficult really if you are following some rules. If you don’t have asthma, cardiac issues, or severe nerve issues, you can just get a little fit and go enjoy a Leh Ladakh trip. There are some rules like staying in Leh for two nights for acclimatisation before you venture out on trekking or even sightseeing. You must get yourself checked for health issues.

Best Season to Visit

The best time to take a Leh Ladakh trip is obviously summer. But, if you want to feel the chill factor to your bones, you can go during spring. The temperatures drop to below 20 degrees Celsius in winters. The summer season is long here. It is good if you go around September. The summer season usually ranges from April to September, though the months of October to December are also good to catch a lot of fun local activities.

However, you need to carry your sunscreen without fail because at over 9000 feet above sea level, you will be much closer to the sun and the thin air will make you feel the scorching heat during the day. This is exactly what will make your skin break out. You need a cream based or gel based sunscreen so that you are protected from the harmful sun rays while getting some moisturising.

If you want to catch the Ladakhi festivals you will have to go during winter. Be well prepared with your woollens and the warmest clothes you can find. Have head gears and gloves and very warm shoes ready for your winter trip to Ladakh. If you want to catch the lakes and waterfalls in all their glory, winter is not the time to go. They will be all frozen up.


You do not need any permit as such to visit Ladakh or Leh in general. You need permits for some places that have restricted entry. If you are not Indian, you will need to register in any of the three points, Drass, Rumste, or Sarchu. If you are flying in, your registration will be done at the airport itself. You will need to carry these papers throughout the trip. You will need this everywhere you go.

Now, if you want to visit any of the protected areas, you will need a Protect Area Passport. These areas include the Pangong Lake, the Moriri Lake, the Kar Lake, Nubra Valley, and Dhahanu. You need to make enough copies of the permit because you need to submit one at each destination. If you want the permits made for you, you can hire a travel agent.

Word of Advice from the Experienced

It is always good to learn from the mistakes of others. You do not have to pay the price of inconvenience but you learn the lesson from another person. So, here are some common mistakes that people make to get into trouble even after they have booked their Ladakh and Leh tour packages properly.

You can fall sick if you do not take your time for acclimatisation. We have already established the importance of this.

You might fall short of cash and not find any ATM around. A Ladakh and Leh tour will make you go back to the time when the digital wallet wasn’t a thing. Carry enough cash on yourself. Hide it wherever you need to. Just, do not depend on debit card and e-wallets because you won’t find much use of it there.

Also, keep physical copies of important contacts because sometimes your phone might run out of charge when you don’t have a charging point available. Also, in specific places like near Rohtang La and on the Srinagar to Leh route, you won’t even have cell phone reception. So, make your calls and send your messages while you can.

Despite all this trouble, you will love the trip. Just follow these tips and you will be all set for your Leh Ladakh tour plan without any bumps. Once you take one trip to this heavenly place, you will want to go again.

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