How to do The Ghost and The French Inhale Tricks with Vaporizer


E-cigarettes, when first introduced to the market, were used for vaping nicotine liquid. These small devices took the world by storm. However, soon cannabis users found that they can use vape pens to inhale smooth and delicious vapors of their precious herbs. Vaping herbs is way more beneficial than smoking marijuana in a joint. And there is a key advantage you do not get when you smoke marijuana in a joint. You can impress someone with pretty neat vaping tricks. These tricks are pretty easy to learn. What are the things you need to show these tricks? First of all, find a and buy a Pax 3 vaporizer. After that, prepare your favorite herb. We will learn the following two vaping tricks:

  • The Ghost – Beginner
  • The French Inhale – Intermediate

What is vaping?

Vaping is different from traditional smoking. There is no combustion involved in vaping. So, the only thing you are inhaling is cannabinoids. On the other hand, when you are smoking, you are inhaling carcinogenic and many other harmful chemicals that can harm your lungs. Let’s learn the vaping tricks now.

The Ghost – Beginner

Also known by other names including the ‘Mushroom Cloud’ or the ‘Snap Inhale’, in this trick, you will inhale and then blow out a cloud of vapors. After that, you will suck it rapidly back in. You can master this vaping trick very easily. So, if you want to learn impressive tricks, start with the Ghost. Here is how you can do this trick:

  1. Take a drag of vapor from your Pax 3 vaporizer and let it linger in the mouth for a couple of seconds.
  2. Exhale the vapor out in a ball. First of all, practice this trick alone. Learn how to exhale. Make sure that there is one short and round burst coming out of your mouth.
  3. Inhale this short and round burst back into your mouth. Can you see that little ‘Ghost’ of vapor when you quickly inhale vapor back?                

Have you tried? Isn’t this three-step vaping trick very easy and simple? It does not require that much practice.   

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The French Inhale – Intermediate

While the Ghost is the easiest trick, the French Inhale is one of the most popular vaping tricks. You can do this trick with a cigarette, e-cigarette or your Pax 3 vaporizer. The French Inhale trick is also known by the name of Irish Waterfall. You will inhale vapor and keep it in your mouth. Now seep out vapor flowing upward and then inhale vapor through the nostrils. This is just like a waterfall in reverse. Following are the steps involved in this trick:

  1. Drag a large amount of vapor and keep it in the mouth for a couple of seconds. Bring the tongue to the back of the mouth to trap vapor.
  2. Open your mouth and seep out vapor. Do not blow it out or exhale. Push vapor upward towards the nose by pushing out the lower lip.
  3. Slowly move the tongue to the front of the mouth and push vapor out. Do it slowly. Inhale vapor through the nose at the same time.

To do this trick, you need to visit a the cloud vapor store to buy a Pax 3 vaporizer in the first place.

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