How to Be Confident on The Mat?


There is no justification required to explain the importance of confidence on the mat for wrestling. It is like a sugar in dessert without whom you can never be successful. There are number of techniques that can help you to win against the opponent, however, no tip can work unless you gain the right amount of confidence. 

Improve Body Language

Body language plays a vital role in boosting your confidence. You should be standing on a mat with a strong body language that shows that you are powerful. With time, you will be able to identify which actions of yours can impress others and make them feel that you’re extremely confident to win. Use those actions and some influential gestures while being there on the mat. Also try to feel comfortable and don’t be confused at all. Comfort also comes from comfortable wrestling gear, so choose it carefully. 

Recall Your Victories

Confidence develops with positive mindset and for an athlete nothing is more dedicating than recalling his/her own success. So, recall all the times when you were successful on the mat during the training as well as in matches. You will be amazed to see how this tip can make you broader on the mat with great confidence against your opponent. So don’t be worried and just put on wrestling singlet, walk confidently to the mat, and nail the fight.

Use Signals 

Confidence is all in mind and it is more of a psychological factor than a physical one. Use signals to trigger your confidence level just like pumping fists and set the success stage for your fight right from the beginning. Anytime during the fight if you feel that your confidence has gone down, use gestures to bring your confidence back to the peak.

Visualize the Scenes after Winning

Just imagine how it would be if you win the fight. Everyone will be gathered around you and will be congratulating you. Imagine all that success that is just ahead if you keep your confidence level up. Such thoughts will never let you limit your confidence. 

Recall Best Skills and Qualities

Before the match or during the match, recall your best skills and qualities that you are going to use against your opponent. Also, recall when you used them last time and how you got succeed during the training or in a real match. Everyone has some special skills that go best every time against every opponent. Anytime you feel you are not confident enough, it’s a time to make that move.

Divide Big Goal into Small Ones

It is wise to target a big goal by dividing it in small milestones. Then give your best to achieve those small goals that will help to meet big goal. Cherish every winning moment and milestone no matter how small it is. Remember, every step that is succeeded is going to take you towards achieving the ultimate goal. Enjoying the success of small goals can boost your confidence and you will be sure that you can achieve big goal one day.

Try Something Unique

If you have a staunch believe in you that there is something special in you that can make you win the fight then no one can hurt your confidence. So, try to develop at least one unique attribute whether physical or psychological to boost your confidence.

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