Choose the Right Tank Bag and Tail Bag for A Convenient Riding Experience with These Valuable Tips!


One of the toughest challenges you have while going on a tour on your motorcycle is to get an extra storage room that can fit in your motorcycle. Some bags offer large luggage compartments where you can put lot of stuff for your tour but that becomes hard to carry to a far distant place. Well, choosing the right kind of bag for best riding experience is not tough anymore with these valuable tips. So, buy tank bag and tail bag keeping these handful tips in mind for a better traveling experience. 

Get right size

Choosing the tank bag and tail bag depends mostly on the need you have. If you want to go to a far distant place for your touring experience then it is suggested to buy a bigger tank bag and tail bag that ranges around 15 to 20 liters. This size of bag can allow you to stuff most of your touring essentials like shoes, lunch, flashlight, gloves, first aid kit, clothes, phone accessories, money etc. 

If you’re interested in short tours then you can buy tank bag and tail bag of 10 to 15-liter range which will be able to carry the important belongings that you would be needing for the short trip. For a smaller bag, you do not have to be worried whether it fits in your motorcycle’s tank or not. However, if you’re looking forward to buy a bigger bag then you will have to choose a bag according to the shape of your motorcycle tank. Usually, sloped tank bags are ideal for adventure bikes whereas flat base tank bags are good for common bikes.

Look for these features

You might have noticed that different kinds of tank bags and tail bags offer same essential features where as some extra features are provided by special ones only. You have to decide first which features do you need for your touring experience. Usually features like rain covers, cable ports, multiple zips, handles, and shoulder straps are found in most of the bags. However, if you need extra features like map pocket, transparent pocket for mobile phone, removable band, external battery packs, water proofing, and reflective piping then you will have to look for an expensive tank bag and tail bag. One feature that you must look for is an integrated magnetic system that allows your bag to quickly stick to the tank. This feature is going to help you a lot in your tour because you won’t be hassling around to tie up your bag to the tank over and over again. 

Different materials

Tank bags and tail bags are made from different kinds of materials depending upon their durability and style. Obviously, expensive bags are made from those materials that offer longer durability. Most of the bags are made from nylon that is water-resistant material and hence it gives durability and budget-friendly experience. Some bags are made from thermoformed laminated polyester that gives firm support without deforming the shape of your stuff on a long tour. Different materials also give a nice appearance to your bag such as wax-coated canvas with leather that gives a vintage look to the bag. After all, it’s not just about convenience and durability, fashion goes hand on hand. Well, you can see there are some basic and luxury features available in the tank bags and tail bags depending on the used material. However, you should at least go for such bags that are made from materials that offer water proofing. Moreover, look for semi-rigid sides for your bag so that it can hold its shape. 

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