How Poha is helpful in Weight Loss


When people are focused in their professions but still want to remain fit and healthy in the rat race of their busy schedule, it is yet a tough task. Some lazy lads can’t even take their ass to gym but still gets cranky only because they want to get their weight loss and be a classy person. I agree exercising is must but eating neat and healthy puts cherry on the cake.

Food generally depicts the way of living one’s life with full integrity, to complete his desire of hunger. Being a foodie nowadays is more of a hobby rather than a fondness. People are exploring more and more destinations for food and becoming food bloggers to getting a name and fame in one go. Also, these days making some cafes or restraunts famous is kind of a business where in many people have joined and running it like a pro. Eating healthy and hygienic is just like finding something you hardly get it. Ultimately, food is something you cannot live without on this earth.

What is the common Indian Breakfast everyone prefers to eat?

Yes, you must have thought exactly the right answer. It is Poha i.e. flattened rice which is convenient to cook, reasonable to buy and easy to eat. Poha or flattened rice is a dish which almost every dietician or trainers of gym recommends as it is a best food which can help in weight loss without any doubt. You can easily get this magical food online using Grofers Coupons with great deals.

It has different variations in various parts of country. In some parts of country, places like Rajasthan or Uttar Pradesh, Poha is served with the garnishing of bhujia and some hot tempting jalebis as a side snack. Whereas, some people enjoy putting boiled potatoes in poha and eat it with ketchup.

Poha has a diversity with which you can even make cutlets out of it and serve to your guests with an impressive compliment back. But, do you know poha has some extreme health benefits too?

As suggested by dieticians & doctors, vegetables are good for health as it detoxifies our body and add lots of nutritious components to our digestive system.

Poha can be easily digested and can be cooked with loads of vegetables and causes good immune system. Low calorie food and taste both are present inside this dish. Poha will let you lose your weight more conveniently rather anything else does.

Why Poha is preferred by people on diet?

Poha contains 76.9% of carbohydrates and 23% of fat, which ultimately makes it ideal breakfast especially for those who eagerly wants to get slim and trim. Benefits of having poha is that you can be full till a longer time and can skip mid-day meals as it is also rich in high fibers. Usually people feel lethargic to cook for themselves when no one is around and finds an easy solution to the problems. Cooking for self is like getting yourself prepared first then jump into a ball of the court.

The goal of good food is when it gets that bright and catchy look of a plate in which it is being served. Most of the chefs teach unique things and according to me, it is interesting to explore various flavours in a dish to get that chunky taste in your food.

So, guys why not try some crazy cooking recipes which might give you that tempting taste as well as health benefits to move onto a right track of healthy living life.

Poha with lemon juice and peanuts adds some lip-smacking taste into it with lots of healthy effects in your body. Peanuts are a good source of proteins as it provides lots of positive effects to skin, hair and people who have diabetes and heart problems. Those who suffer with diseases must have poha every morning so that it produces nutrients to your body and releases any disease from it. Belly fat gets burn out while having poha on a regular basis. Moreover if you are looking for State Bank of India recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

Unlike many dishes, Poha has various names in every different state like Aval in Tamil Nadu, chiura in Bhojpuri, chuda in Oria and many more. The best part of having poha is that you can avoid over eating easily.

Dieticians have acknowledged Poha an evergreen healthiest breakfast item for all Indian and young generations.








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