Get A Chapter Wise Explanation Of CBSE Class 6 Mathematics


CBSE has designed a syllabus to make the base of the students strong for their future studies. The syllabus is designed with the consideration of every basic mathematical concept like Numbers, Geometrical Ideas, Decimals, Data handling, etc.

6th class maths study material CBSE includes 13 various chapters, and here is chapter wise explanation:

  • Knowing Our Numbers- This section includes various complex values of the number and number in Millions, billions, etc. This chapter will enable the students to learn to deal with numbers and to compare them. Besides this, the chapter also includes the study of estimate sum, complex numbers, the difference between the numbers, etc.
  • Whole Numbers- As the title reflects, the chapter will revolve around whole numbers, their concepts, and their features. The chapter talks about the properties, the patterns of the whole numbers, etc. It also introduces concepts like the predecessor, successor, and the number line.
  • Playing with numbers- The chapter introduces the concepts related to numbers like factors and multiples, prime and composite numbers, factors and common multiples, prime factorization, HCF and LCM, etc.
  • Basic Geometrical ideas- This section is designed to make the students aware of the basics of geometry. It talks about the concept of parallel lines, ray, curves, polygons, angles, triangles, circles, etc.
  • Understanding Elementary Shapes– This section includes various designs and shapes of mathematics. It provides the basic knowledge of the shapes and designs and some important topics like Line Segments, Angles, etc.
  • Integers- This section includes the fun learning of integers and its properties.
  • Fractions- This includes the topics like Number line, Proper fractions, equivalent fractions, comparing like or unlike fractions, adding or subtracting fractions, etc.
  • Decimals- This portion talks about the value of decimal and the uses of decimals in tenths, hundredths, etc. It also makes a student to learn the application of the decimals in real-life like Money and weight etc.
  • Data Handling- The chapter includes representation of the data and the concepts of recording, drawing, and the organization of the graphical data.
  • Mensuration- This chapter includes calculation of area and volume of various designs and figures. The students become aware of the concept perimeter, area, which can be helpful for them in various kind of measurement for the shapes and the designs.
  • Algebra- This includes the basic of the Algebra. The syllabus is designed to introduce students with algebra problems like matchstick problems, uses of variables, expressions with variables, and using expressions practically.
  • Ratio and Proportion- This chapter gives an introduction to the ratio concepts and its uses.
  • Symmetry- The chapter includes the symmetries and its applications in real life. It gives a basic introduction to the study of figures with multiple lines of symmetry, reflection, etc.

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