Resistance training makes use of resistance to the contraction of muscles in order to strengthen them and improve the levels of endurance. The basic principle behind resistance workout is to put muscles under the burden and force them to overcome the resistance.

High resistance fitness programs require consistent and long term effort with determination. At the end of a high resistance training period, your body is better capable of undergoing rigorous physical activity. The examples of high resistance training include free weight lifting, medicine balls, resistance bands like those made of rubber, suspension equipment

This article aims to introduce you to the effectiveness of resistance training in fat loss.

Effectiveness of Resistance training for fat loss

Resistance training is also called strength training or weight training. If you want to benefit from resistance training, you will need to indulge in a full-fledged fitness program so as to gain maximum benefits from bone density, ligament strength, and anaerobic endurance to an improved level of heart and lungs fitness.

Resistance training is effective in the following ways:

1.      Promotes the creation of more lean muscle mass

Resistance training helps preserve fat-free mass in your body. Thus increase the muscle to fat ratio. Your muscles contain more protein and less visceral fat as a result.  Thus with the help of a strength training program, you can lose the fat around your muscles and get another step closer to your fitness goals.

With lean and fat-free muscles, you can have an improved level of muscle strength, which makes your daily physical performance easy.

2.      Increases muscle to fat ratio

Strength training reduces the levels of visceral fat in the bodies of people with metabolic syndrome. It does so owing to the resistance it provides for your muscles. If you go for strength training along with aerobic exercise, you will be able to reduce body fat much faster than your ordinary diet or aerobic exercise routine alone.

With lesser fat and stronger muscles, you will be able to have an improved level of mobility and balance in your daily life.

3.      Enhanced workout performance

Once the strength training program helps you develop leaner muscles and reduces the tension from your contracted muscles, you will be able to perform better in your workouts. Thus your graph of fat loss doesn’t stagnate or fall flat. The curve keeps on going up until you achieve your fitness goals.

When you see the results of your effort, you feel motivated to put more effort into the process. Thus resistance training plays an indirect role in helping you lose excess fat.

What if strength training doesn’t work anymore?

Have you been trying to lose excess fat for months but are failing to see results? Have you consulted any physical health expert? Your body may have an exceptional condition that needs you to see expert advice. You may need fat burning supplements like those used by many obese people in the UAE.

 If you live there, you can easily get in touch with clinics for one of the Best fat burners available in Dubai to lose fatty tissues, which affect your physical health as well as self-esteem.

Resistance training has many benefits!

Resistance training has a plethora of benefits for human health. These include physical as well as mental health benefits. It helps improve muscle strength and tone, which enables you to be less vulnerable towards catching an illness or a joint injury.

It also helps maintain flexibility and physical balance, which helps you age healthy, mobile, and active. With greater flexibility and mobility, weight management gets easier. It helps lose fat and develop a lean fat-free muscular regime, which is essential for loosing calories even when the body is at a resting position.

It also helps with an improved level of stamina, thus helping you grow stronger and feeling less tired after physical exertion. With increased stamina and stronger muscles, you can safely assume that that resistance training saves you from chronic health issues like arthritis, depression, diabetes, heart strokes, and lung dysfunction.  It will also rid of sleep deprivation if you face it.

Thus with so many health benefits, it gives you a better sense of being. Your quality of life can improve with resistance training. You will observe a boost in your self-esteem and feel better about being yourself.

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