Find best learning styles that CBSE schools in Mohali follow

Learning had never been an easy task especially for  students who are suffering from the problem of memorizing things, and then from Best CBSE School in Mohali they  got to learn tips and tricks that might ease your task of learning.

Some similar ways to remember your book content for long followed by Best CBSE School in Mohali are listed below:

  • For theory  learn by writing the same: Writing topics back after learning can help you to make it remembered for a long. No matter, if you are struggling for a learning periodic table or chemical formulas, just write them after learning and enjoy. 
  • Write notes of your own from a book: sometimes learning in bookish language can become a trouble for kids of all ages. Writing notes in your language can help you to learn and retain them until you write them in the exam sheet. You are further suggested to write notes by using the pens of different colour and to write them in the bullet so as to distinguish one topic from another. Best CBSE School in Mohali tries hard to develop this in kids in primary stage only.
  • Follow Learn, hide and speak like me: some recent studies are showing that by learning, hiding and speaking the same that will help your mind to retain it for long. This way is quite famous as it works in almost all sorts of studies no matter, whosoever you are, a graduate student or a nursery kid.
  • Take a test of yourself in theory like me: it is suggested not to depend on a teacher to take an exam, but you should test yourself by writing the same. It is therefore important to take a regular self-examination by writing the content or by speaking it verbally in front of your teacher at Top 10 CBSE school in Mohali.
  • Eat well: A part of adopting memory sharpening techniques or learning techniques, it is important to provide a tonic to your brain. I therefore as a student am eating vitamin-e rich food, supplements along with raw almonds, nuts and a glass of milk.
  • Use videos and pictures as a mode of learning: if you are doing higher studies, including some research projects, you can use PowerPoint presentation as a mode of learning. In a PowerPoint presentation along with the text, you can add more videos and pictures.
  • Sometimes develop memorizing techniques and quotes: if you are in a technical field and you have to remember lots and lots of points developing memorizing techniques can help you to learn.


You might have gone through the famous example of learning followed in CBSE schools the names of planets in our solar system sequentially. Yes, we are talking about this same point to be implanted in your technical studies. Best CBSE School in Mohali has revealed the fact that videos and pictures get placed in mind a hundred times faster than text. Inserting videos and pictures in PowerPoint presentation long it takes will help you to relate text with images and this will get fixed in your mind forever.

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