What do Houston foot specialists do?


Our feet have an impact on your daily life, but we do not think much about them. The only time we think of our feet,it’s when they are hurting? At this point, Houston foot specialists come in as you need their expertise to maximize the recovery process of your feet. Foot specialists are also known as podiatrists or Houston’s foot and ankle specialists. Houston foot and ankle specialists forces on the care, anatomy, and function of the ankle and foot. Their role is to deal with examination, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot ailments. Foot problems can affect anybody including seniors and children.

Podiatrists are experts in sports issues specializing in musculoskeletal of the foot and look at the relationship of the bones and muscles and how they work together. They carefully study different individual variances including movements and loads that can influence injury and recovery. On the lower limb, podiatrists focus on the impact of propulsion of the muscles, bones, and joints. The podiatrists understand the gait cycle and how the foot and leg take time to adapt to the terrain to absorb the impact of the foot. The pronation is necessary for the normal function of the feet, but if it moves little or much it contributes to injuries.

Common excessive pronation injuries include

  • Plantar calcaneal bursitis
  • Shin splints
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee injury
  • Morton’s neuroma

The feet rigidity generates the force needed for the feet to move. The foot is supposed to absorb the impact leading to impact-related injuries. Runners experience ankle pain and in severe cases, reoccurrence of ankle fractures and injuries can happen. This means one requires cushioning in the shoes for support. Common under pronation of injuries include

  • Calf strain
  • Hamstring strain
  • Bone shin splints
  • Plantar calcaneal bursitis

How do Houston foot and ankle specialists help?

Houston foot specialists analyze individual foot strikes on the ground and evaluate the chain of motion to determine the biomechanical reasons that contribute to a foot injury. The force and load that is placed on the foot as it moves are assessed and the podiatrists suggest possible treatments that help the health of the foot. The foot treatment is done on an injury to focus on the performance. In sports, the overuse of the feet leads to injuries and if not resolved on time they may lead to complications.

What treatment is done by Houston foot specialists?

Podiatrists are committed to ensuring that they offer treatment options to assist you with recovery that can include

  • Running and casual footwear advice
  • Pre-fabricated and custom made functional foot orthoses
  • Retraining of running gait
  • Exercise programs
  • Strapping and taping
  • Joint mobilizations

Houston foot specialists find out the necessary details about the foot injury or condition including the history and the activity levels one is involved in. Gait analysis is conducted to assess the individual lower limb and foot alignment and ranges of motion depending on the current foot condition.  Podiatrists use assessments, tests,and diagnoses to come up with the correct treatment options to effectively heal the feet.

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