5 Best Advice about Covid Wedding from virtual wedding couples


Weddings in the time of the coronavirus are no longer an exception but a reality that most couples have learned to accept over this period of time. Some of the millennial couples ready to experiment have even gone a step further to explore the various options available to not only make a Covid wedding happen but to make it memorable for everyone involved. They have been aided to a great extent in this regard by platforms like Wedding Wishlist who have leveraged the use of technology to revolutionize the wedding scene in India.

Here are 5 helpful pointers that any couple who plan on having a virtual wedding must definitely keep in mind.

Virtual Wedding, a necessary utility!

If you are someone still undecided about whether to have a wedding live stream in the age of coronavirus, then you are probably unaware of the number of benefits it offers. For starters, it addresses the issue of restrictions on the number of guests who could physically attend a wedding. It allows any number of guests to watch the event in real time through a live stream hosted on a free wedding website. It saves guests the hassle of arranging travel and logistics in these difficult times. It also helps to reduce wastage and other wedding expenses as the guest list personally attending your wedding will be limited. Therefore opting for a Covid wedding will be the most sensible option considering its value as a multi-utility service.

Create a Wedding Gift Registry

A dream wishlist consisting of all of your choicest gifts in the form of a gift registry is the best thing you could ask for your Covid wedding. The guests too have their job easy as they need not go around looking for the perfect wedding gift as the desired selections are made available on the same virtual wedding platform by the couple.

A Digital Album

The Covid wedding live stream may run for a number of hours but the key wedding moments would only be a fraction of that running time. For guests who missed out watching the wedding virtually and for the others who would want to revisit only the special rituals of the wedding day, a digital album capturing the special bits of the wedding would be ideal. Also, couples looking back on such a wedding album a few years down the line would be able to recollect the fond memories of that day.

Uninviting Guests

The corona virus may have spoiled your plans for a grand wedding with a big guest list. Now the wedding will have to happen in a limited setting with only a few attendees. If you are concerned about uninviting a guest whom you would have previously invited, then worry no more because having a Covid wedding offers a cost effective feel good way of keeping everyone involved happy.

Wedding Parties

The virtual wedding concept can even be extended to pre-wedding and post-wedding parties where couples can invite their guests to chat, socialize and engage over some delicious food. Nowadays couples can even arrange the delivery of customized celebratory gift boxes to all their invitees for the wedding occasion.

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