Caroline Sturken – How Can Leaders Nurture Their Minds & Health


Leaders should be physically fit and mentally agile for them to carry out their responsibilities effectively. They need to work hard and plan well to accomplish the goals of their teams. They accept challenges and ensure they use their experience, skills, and attitude to overcome them. Leaders are always at the forefront, and some people start as young as being in college. They hone their skills to ensure their strategies are set and followed with some degree of flexibility to accomplish goals.

Caroline Sturken, from the USA, is a motivated and passionate student. She has made the honor, high honor roll, and the dean’s list in all of her semesters in both high school and college.

She says that one of the best ways for people, especially leaders, to de-stress is to embrace natural and holistic therapies to alleviate work pressures. For instance, massage therapy is an effective way via which they can soothe the mind and body. With the help of a good massage therapist, leaders can get rid of stiff muscles and nerves.

Facial and head massages also do wonders for their health and benefit them in a big way. Rest and regular exercise help leaders to focus better and inspire others with their energy and enthusiasm.

What are the key factors that influence the development of leadership?

She says that leaders of business organizations are often encouraged to execute leadership at all levels. They must be aware of the current situation prevalent around them to make concrete decisions regarding the cause at hand. Certain factors influence leadership, and they are power, race, gender, the influence of identity, and more. A good leader will take note of them and work towards aligning them to the cause at hand.

How to develop good leaders?

When it comes to leadership skills, she says that they are not born overnight. Their skills need to be identified and developed to steer others towards the common goal at hand successfully. This is why you find several leadership development training workshops prevalent in community campuses and offices. The goal here is to ensure leaders know the secrets of people skills to bring them together from diverse backgrounds and communities successfully for a common cause.

Caroline Sturken is also part of the Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority that revolves around diverse philanthropy techniques, especially for college and school. She studies law, politics, and philosophy. She says that philanthropy deeply influences the culture of leadership and charity in organizations and charities in the USA to a large extent. It triggers consistent change and growth.

To accomplish the fulfillment of causes to benefit the community at large, she says funding is crucial, though emphasizing that it is not the sole fuel for a reason but acts as a significant catalyst in helping the program’s strategies be set in place. It can go a long way in helping out a community.






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