For Extra Protection Give Bux Board Boxes a Try


Bux board boxes are among the conventional packaging solutions used for storing and shipping products. They have a cubical shape most of the time. It is customizable, but not much as this shape is associated with this packaging solution. They mostly have a foldable lid at their top side. This lid may have single, two, or four folds depending upon the customers’ requirements. Both tuck-end styles and tape sealing options are available for them. You can also get them with dedicated handles on the side walls. You won’t find many of them with customized graphics, as most businesses like to buy them without any graphical personalization. They contain vital information about the item and handling instructions during shipping. Foam, holders, dividers, and other add-ons are available to give additional safety. Some of them come with vinyl lamination to provide resistance against splashes and moisture.

Bux board boxes are the choice of every product manufacturer seeking to package their items for shipping. These are not just their materials that provide vital safety during transit. Their sturdy and stackable structure is also a reason behind their popularity. Here are some points that will help you understand why you need them when extra protection is necessary.

1.     Safe Materials

Bux board stock is a safe material for many types of products. Many materials for packages provide vital safety during transit. However, the safety of those materials is questionable under specific climate conditions. Plastic can become toxic during hot conditions. It is not the case with the bux board. This material can endure the heat without producing toxic chemicals. This ability makes it a food-grade material. It means you can use it for all eatable items, including medicines. It is also suitable for cosmetic products due to its safe nature.

2.     Weather Resistance

These packages can resist harsh climate conditions to protect your items. Let us talk about different environmental factors and their impact on these boxes. First of all, sudden temperature changes don’t affect them. They can resist temperature due to several Kraft layers and air in between. It means they are beneficial for products that need safety against sudden temperature changes. Then comes their moisture resistance. Humidity levels differ in various areas. Some items need to be safeguarded from moisture. They can be manufactured with airtight sealing for this purpose. Vinyl laminations also provide moisture resistance to them.

3.     Protection Against Impacts

Protecting the products against impacts during transit is a significant task of Bux board boxes in the USA. Jerks from the road bumps can be adverse for some types of items. They need proper safety against these jerks and vibrations. Moreover, some impacts come from the mishandling of shipping staff. They might these packages accidentally. But don’t worry, as they can resist most of the jerks due to their durable and sturdy materials. They may also come with dedicated handles, so the shipping staff avoids mishandling them.

4.     Stackable Nature

Bux board packages mostly come in rectangular shapes with flat bases that make them stackable. Cutting the cost of delivery is among the secondary goals of many businesses. These boxes are the best for this purpose, as stacking them helps deliver more items at a time. It reduces the delivery cost per unit significantly. Their walls don’t bend when stacked even in high pressure. It means they can reduce the cost while not compromising on safety. This packaging might have separators that give additional strength to their structure.

5.     Double Encasement Structure

Custom printed bux board packaging can come in a double encasement structure which is more durable and safe than others. It might incur more cost, but that is okay when additional protection is necessary. They have an additional layer of cardboard or Bux board inside the walls in this structure. Some brands simply get this layer on the base to increase their load-bearing capacity. Complete packaging with an additional layer doubles its moisture, temperature, and impact resistance.

6.     Protective Add-Ons

Bux board packaging can come with add-ons that provide more safety. It often comes with dividers. They help in keeping multiple items separate inside it. Dividers also provide extra strength to their structure. Then comes holders that are customized according to the product shape. These holders keep the items fixed in these packages. Some businesses use foam for this purpose, which is impressive for protection in different ways. You will also find packaging peanuts in most of them that almost give the same level of safety as foams.

7.     Customizable Size

Wondering how the customizable size of the boxes can benefit in terms of safety? According to a study, improper packaging size is among the leading causes of product damage during transit. When businesses customize their size as per the product dimensions, safety is not compromised. Their style has the same level of significance. Using more lids can result in enhanced protection. It shows how they can help businesses in safeguarding their items.

Bux board boxes are a great blessing for businesses provided by packaging providers. They are the choice of every product manufacturer to ship the items safely. You can use them for the same purpose. Customizing them to enhance their safeguarding abilities can give you peace of mind.

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