Everything you need to know about non-diagnostic ultrasound


A non-diagnostic 4D ultrasound scan allows family members and parents to see the baby before delivery. This provides a positive bonding experience that can be remembered for a lifetime. 4D and 3D baby scans help parents to see the realistic image of the unborn child. The latest ultrasound technology has added the fourth dimension of time to the previous 3D scan image and this has resulted in a moving image of the unborn child.


It is possible to self-refer for a non-diagnostic pregnancy ultrasound scan. You don’t need a referral from a doctor to have these baby scans. You can make an appointment with your doctor as a self-referred patient. However, before you go for ultrasound scans, you should ensure that your clinic has the necessary certification and it is operating legally. Their ultrasound services should comply with the recommended guidelines.

Difference between prenatal diagnostic ultrasound and non-diagnostic ultrasound exam

In a 4D non-diagnostic ultrasound in Perth you are given enough time to view your unborn child. While a prenatal diagnostic scan is sufficient and important for medical purposes, you will not be given enough time to view your unborn child on the screen. Some hospitals that offer diagnostic 2D scan are not well-equipped with screens.

With the non-diagnostic scans, you and your family members are given a lot of time to view the baby. You will be able to see every detail of the baby as he/she moves around the womb.

The main purpose of the non-diagnostic 4D ultrasound is to create a bond between the family and the baby before birth. In most clinics in Perth, you will be given clear images and you might be given DVDs and photos to bring home so that you can cherish the moment and share it with friends. It is crucial to understand that abnormalities can also be detected in non-diagnostic scans.

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