The 6 Foremost Wedding Jewellery Rules


You will certainly wear your personality-matching wedding band – such as nerdy wedding rings being worn by geeks – after the ceremony is over on your wedding day, but what of other jewellery? All brides desire to get all the details perfect, after all, the day occurs only once in a person’s lifetime. This article recommends the dos and don’ts of jewellery for the wedding day.

  1. Bring the headpiece along when selecting earrings

What you will certainly desire is jewellery that will not end up competing with your headpiece and gown, but rather enhance their appearance.

  1. Express your style and blend ‘something new’ with ‘something borrowed’

Do you desire to wear your grandma’s favourite brooch or your mum’s bracelet? So long as the finish is the same, and the jewellery’s shape or era echoes a similar tone, it is perfectly okay to ‘mix and match’.

  1. Skip your watch

Your wedding day isn’t the day to keep looking at the time, and a watch could actually distract from your appearance’s elegance. Think about the wedding pictures; there will certainly be many shots that feature your hand cutting the cake, holding the bouquet, and so on. A watch can appear clunky and distract from the diamond wedding band on your finger, so go for a much simpler bracelet instead.

  1. Express your own real, personal style

Your wedding day isn’t the day for deciding you must wear something that’s out of the norm or trendy, like a clunky bracelet or statement necklace. So, don’t ever compromise your personal style; if you are a nerd or geek, go on and order an amazing set of nerdy wedding rings online. By refusing to ever compromise your individual personal style, your wedding pictures will certainly reflect your individual classic beauty all through your lifetime.

  1. Steer clear of too much jewellery

By wearing earrings, rings on virtually every finger, a necklace, and bracelets on both of your hands, you are actually distracting attention away from your truly beautiful wedding gown, makeup, hair, as well as the general appearance. In the majority of instances, earrings together with an elegant bracelet will certainly be enough (when added to your wedding and engagement rings). When it concerns accessorizing on the wedding day, less is certainly more.

  1. Wait till the reception before changing jewellery

If you are dying to see that you wear your statement earrings or stacked bangles, the reception is actually the time and where you should do that. Whether you will be changing your clothes or not, or whether you will be allowing your hair to fall down to your shoulders after the wedding ceremony or not, the reception is certainly an atmosphere that is significantly more relaxed – certainly a lively party in the majority of instances. So, it is the most ideal opportunity for you to actually wear trendy jewellery that you love so much.

In concluding, above every other thing, wedding and engagement rings, especially unique designs like nerdy wedding rings, must be of the most exceptional quality; if your own features diamonds or any other gemstones, make sure that they too are the best that can possibly be gotten.

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