Buying Guide for Weed Lovers of Different Capacity Levels


Do you face difficulty while buying cannabis products online or offline from an authorized store? Actually, it is a common problem when someone buys marijuana variants with different kinds of confusing labels. Sometimes, the search ends up with a low potency product that cannot even make you feel happy whereas sometimes you remain high & stoned for the entire day. If you want to enjoy marijuana with proper control over its potential level, it is advisable to gain some information regarding its significant features. Every person has a different capacity level for handling the impact of marijuana on their body and mind. It most differs on the basis of the total experience of a user. Just like beverages such as beer, whiskey, rum & vodka etc. contains different percentages of alcohol, marijuana products have also different concentration levels. The potency of cannabis products is measured on the basis of its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) percentage level.  If you want the right kind marijuana products according to your capacity, here is a guide to follow.

Suitable cannabis products for beginners

Are you a beginner home wants to immersion the euphoric impact of marijuana for the first or second time? If yes, it is advisable to buy edible cannabis in Canada with low potential level. Read the labels of edibles to confirm that the THC level is not going beyond 10 to 15%. Many authorized manufacturers are currently introducing their edible products in the form of gummies, chocolates, fruit drinks, brownies and snacks. You can also try liquid vaping concentrates but make sure that their THC level is lowest in the category.

Suitable cannabis products for occasional users

If you are consuming marijuana for a long time but occasionally, it is advisable to go with the option of dry herbs. Nowadays, hybrid marijuana strains are present in the market the potency level of 20 to 30% of THC. You can smoke them with a rolling paper or purchase a vaporizer that can diffuse vapors from dry herbs. Dry Herbs are highly in demand because of their natural flavors add different effects on the mind. Some of them can make you hyperactive whereas others contain sedative elements to make you drowsy. Carefully read the instructions written on every strain before you buy weed online regarding its day or night consumption.

Suitable cannabis products for experts

Are you a regular marijuana user who has attained the highest level of handling THC element? If yes, most of the edibles and dry buds are worthless. You need something really concentrated such as hash, wax or crystal. Hash is the most common solid concentrate available in the market that may contain 40 to 50% of THC. For a much higher level, try wax at once. If you buy pure wax, it may contain around 60-70% of THC which is enough to get your mind high with just 3-4 puffs. The purest form of marijuana intoxication is crystal. Just 1 mg is enough to stun you for a day or 2. It is very rare and you can hardly find marijuana in the form of crystals. Also, never try such kind of stuff if you are an occasional user or have less handling capacity.

What happens if you exceed beyond capacity?

When you are overdrunk, the liver cannot handle & you vomit instantly. However, the situation is different with marijuana. Once you consume, it will keep you high until the brain becomes normal. If the consumed quantity is much higher, the following consequences will appear:-

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Respiration problem
  3. Hallucinations
  4. Severe flashbacks
  5. Permanent brain damage

Whenever you buy cannabis in Canada, never forget to check its potency level. Its consumption at a normal level is ok but overdose is dangerous.

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