Why Should You Go for Big Data Certification?


Now that’s a question, almost every data enthusiast is asking. And are you one of those, who are still wondering about the benefits of certification in big data? If yes, then you need to read this article to understand the whys of big data certifications.

However, prior to going into the reasons of pursuing big data certifications, let’s understand why certifications are important in the first place and how will they augment your career, job prospects, and even promotion prospects.

Benefits of opting for Big Data and Analytics Certification

Whether you want to pursue big data certification or big data and analytics certification, the advantages will be numerous. Some of them include – instant hiring (because you are a certified candidate), more job offers (recruiters seek and prefer certified candidates), easy promotions (because you are a certified employee).

With the ever-evolving technology, it is difficult to be able to keep pace with changing trends through degree programs, and this is where certifications help you in obtaining the right knowledge and if possible to enhance your skills. In fact, certifications are like ‘crash courses’ – albeit better ones.

Now these are some of the reasons why you should go for certifications, but here are the five reasons that why should you opt for big data certifications, if you are planning to build a career in Big Data.

  1. Certification will infuse positive optimism about the technology. With the rise in demand for big data professionals keep rising, and organizations waking up to the benefits of big data, recruiters seek candidates with big data certifications to take up on the challenging roles within an organization.
  2. You can enjoy good pay packages post big data certification. Since big data certification will not only enhance your knowledge about the technology, but will also ensure that you are abreast with all the latest trends, tools and practices related to it.
  3. Certifications will ensure a smooth career progression. Since certifications come with an expiry date and you will have to keep renewing it, you will always have the latest knowledge about the technology. And one of the things to remember here is that big data certification the gain will not only just immediate. There will be long-term benefits as well for learning the basics of big data and analytics. Moreover, pursuing a big data certification is one way to leapfrog your career from a traditional IT job to a futuristic Data Analytics profession.
  4. Certifications will ensure that you have to invest as little time as possible in learning about the latest in the technology. When pursuing certifications, you don’t need to take a career break and go to college, you can go through a certification program from the comfort of your home or office. And if you are into a full time job then too you needn’t worry, as you can pursue the program from your office as well.
  5. With big data and analytics certification you will be considered as an expert in the field and recruiters will sought your expertise in the field. As almost all the sectors today are leveraging the power of big data and analytics, it is important to have an expertise in the emerging domain. In addition, with this certification you will have variety of job opportunities across the industries and will not be restricted by any sector.

These are some of the prominent reasons why you should go for big data certification. You can also check out certification bodies like Coursera, Data Science Council of America, Edureka and Simplilearn to choose from the certifications available in the market.

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