Bill H.R. 1044 to be passed in the US to remove limits on the green card visas

Finally, there is good news for the green card visa seekers. The US will finally decide to remove the country wise limit of 7% on such green card visa aspirants in the family category. It will be increased to 15% of the number of visas available in a certain year as per the Bill H.R.1044. The name of this bill is Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act . As far as the employment-based immigration visas are concerned, the limit of 7% would be removed. Every year, 1,40,000 employment based green cards are issued and a country can’t get more than 9,800 of such visas.Since remove conditions on green card visas in the employment-based category, people would have to wait for a less time for these visas. There will also be the removal of restrictions for this visa for Chinese as per this Bill.

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The Republicans are against this bill because after passing it, more Indians will get the green cards. This would also reduce the period for a green card for the Indians who have to wait for more than 10 years to get this visa. After the passing of this bill, Indians who only get 25% of the green card visas provided so far, will be able to get 90% of such visas issued. This bill is easily going to get a winning majority in the House of Representatives because Democrats have larger seats there. The Bill has 311 supporters in this house and will be cleared here. Out of these 311 supporters, there are 203 Democrats and 108 Republicans.

However, in Senate, where the Republicans have a high majority, getting consent for this bill would be tough. The bill will also make changes in the number of visas allotted for the EB2, EB3 and EB5 visas. These visas will be allotted as per a specific percentage for certain countries. However, not all the visa numbers will be reserved and the 85% will be given to immigrants of a single nation.
Till this bill gets passed, Canada’s immigration should be more favored. It’s a fact that the immigration website of Canada saw so many applicants on the day Trump became the President of the US.

Why is Canada a better choice than the US?

You are easily able to adjust to the society of Canada as compared to that of the US. Canada is quite safe to live for anybody. It’s known for its better quality of life comprising of low crime than any other country. The US has a lot of racism as compared to Canada. Also, Canada has better parameters in the OECD index. These parameters are the jobs, education, and housing. In terms of Jobs, 73% of the population in the age group of 15-64 have jobs. This is a good statistic and only 4% of the working-age population in Canada has longer working hours.

Since the primary and secondary education is free of cost in Canada, Canadians are well educated. 91% of those in the age group of 25-64 are passouts from a senior secondary school. Even better, this figure is better for women than for men. 90% of men are senior secondary school pass-outs as compared to 93% of Canadian women.



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