What makes 2020 Chevy Traverse a Good Mode of Commuting?


People need a remarkable vehicle when travelling with whole family. It should be a car with a spacious interiorand that’s one of the reasons what makes Chevrolet Traverse 2020 an ideal mode of commuting. Its ample room inside makes it unique in this category and is why more people are interested in buying it from Chevrolet dealer Jersey Village.

However, other aspects like its engine power, mileage, safety features, and more makes it a good commuting mode. Have a look at it all in details!

Interior, comfort, and more

Let’s start the list with the most essential reason why this vehicle is considered to be the best mode of transportation in this category. Traverse offer ample space inside which could easily fit 7 to 8 people without any hesitation. Even the third row passenger seats are spacious enough for adults to sit there comfortably.

Moreover, materials used for manufacturing the interior of this car are of top-notch quality which makes it quite appealing to all. In addition, if all seats are folded, then it can fit more cargo than any of its competitors and that is quite a statement. It can hold 6 carry-on luggagebehind third row seats; it means it not only hauls people with comfort but also offers ample luggage space with people still in it.

Sturdy and powerful engine

Now people who drive a family car, often feels its power lacking and doesn’t enjoy the thrill of ride most times. That changes with Traverse; it comes with V6 3.6L engine along with automatic 9-speed transmission makes it one of the quickest cars in this vehicle category.

Furthermore, the cabin is specially designed to be extremely quiet, which is why people often check tachometer when at stoplight to ensure that engine is still running. Also, it has automatic start/stop option that is quite smooth.

With low steering effort and precise system, makes people drive this big SUV with ease. In addition, its suspension offers a perfect balance between comfortable riding and handling. Lastly, it offers mileage of 18 mpg when in a city and 27 mpg on highway which makes it a better option than its competitors in this class. Know more from Jersey Village Chevrolet dealer.

Infotainment and more

Throughout cabin area, several USB ports are placed carefully and the infotainment system is easy to use. It comes with a touchscreen high-mounted display, colorful graphics, smartphone integration (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay), etc. Also, the infotainment system responds quickly to inputs that makes it a car one should definitely have.

Safety features

The NHTSA gave it a 5 star rating for its safety features. However, driver assistance like blind spot monitor, forward collision warning, assistance with lane keeping, and more are available only for the top tier trims.

The base model is priced at $30,995 but the premium models Premier and High County costs $46,995 and $52,095 respectively. Most people opt for the High County version for the ultimate comfort and luxurious feeling.

So, if you are looking to buy a SUV for family transportation, then you should definitely take a test drive of Traverse 2020 before selecting one.

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