Some Of The Innovative TVs That You Can Buy In Your Budget


With the festive season around the corner, there is a lot of talk about potential TV purchases. There are breadwinners who want to give their families something to look forward to. We cannot ignore youngsters who are pestering bread-winners for an upgrade. There is also the strictly streaming set that has perhaps gotten by with their cellphones and laptops streaming their favourite shows so far. Credit it to 2020, or credit it to improved offerings from TV manufacturers, but there is a definite shift to wanting to enjoy entertainment via a nice big screen that does not get interrupted by calls and messages. If you’re considering purchasing a TV in the near future, you’ve come to the right place for suggestions..

Given that TVs are evolving much more quickly now than they did in previous decades, buyers are leaning towards investing in TVs that are inexpensive, even if they have the funds for a more expensive TV available. Many also want an upgrade without having to save up for months, and without having to sacrifice other luxuries in life. Of course, 2020 has also been a year of economic uncertainty, and given the fact that the economic uncertainty isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, people are operating on a tight budget. Many are looking to bring home the best LED TV under 20,000 INR.

To help you choose the best TV for your home, and your household’s needs, we have rounded up a few incredibly popular, features-rich models across brands. 

LG 81.28cm (32LM636BPTB) HD Smart TV

This 32-inch TV comes with a voice command function. You can also operate the remote from anywhere in the room, and it does not need to necessarily be pointed at the TV. The television itself offers recommendations on what you could watch next, in addition to the recommendations that we are already habituated to receiving from our streaming platforms. 

In terms of the viewing experience, the brand promises to deliver a theatre-like experience with Dolby Audio, along with intricate detail and rich colour on account of its multi-HDR format and its scene-by-scene adjustment technology. LG says that its quad-core processor helps eliminate noise, enhance colour and contrast, and also improve low quality pictures. 

Samsung 80cm 4 Series (32T4750) HD Ready LED Smart TV

Samsung’s 32-inch TV promises viewers a truly immersive experience with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound Technology. The TV offers an HD viewing experience and the standard 1366 X 768 pixel screen resolution. Like most of its counterparts today, including the model we  had discussed earlier, this TV offers a voice command function via its remote. Furthermore, the TV can also be connected to the Wi-Fi. 

Sony 80cms (32 Inch) HD Ready LED TV KLV-32R202G

Enjoy the nostalgia and comfort of communicating with this 32-inch TV in multiple Indian languages. You can make a selection and have the TV communicate with you in your choice of language. This Sony model also comes with the standard 1366 X 768 pixel screen resolution for this size of the appliance. This television does not come with Wi-Fi capability, but it does offer a USB port and 2 HDMI ports for users to enjoy miscellaneous entertainment, via the Sony Bravia screen that promises amazing picture quality, contrast and attention to textures. For FM Radio lovers, there is good news;the television comes enabled with FM radio reception. 

Sharp 101.6cm Aquos 2T-C40AB2M Full HD LED TV

Sharp’s 40-inch TV offers 1920 x 1080 pixel display resolution. According to Sharp, its new speaker design amplifies sound and brings it upwards, creating surround-sound-like experience. Besides sound, Sharp is focusing heavily on the product’s sleek appearance, its durability emerging from extensive testing, energy-saving and high display quality. 

OnePlus Y Series 80 cm HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 32Y1

If you got excited seeing OnePlus on this list, you’re probably right to be excited. As it does with phones, OnePlus is keen to go the extra mile in order to capture market share for itself in the TV space. This 32-inch LED TV comes with the standard 1366 x 768 pixel display resolution  that one would expect from TVs of this size, and offers Dolby Audio for an enhanced aural experience. In addition to these staples, it offers not one, but two USB ports. It comes with built-in Chromecast, all the fittings to allow a gaming console to be attached, support for 14 streaming apps and voice response among others.

Usher in joy, laughter and fun for the whole family by upgrading your television set. Given that we have limited entertainment options outside of home in order to keep ourselves safe, all of us deserve the best entertainment within the safety of our homes. Upgrade today, and bring home the best LED TV under 20,000 INR by opting for a No Cost EMI payment plan that allows you to buy your favourite LED TV without paying any amount upfront. You can repay in convenient monthly instalments, while you enjoy watching content on your new TV.


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