After Surgery Home Care For Your Dear Ones


This time comes for everyone where our hips and knees are wearing out, and we find ourselves in the hospital for surgery of one kind or another. Postoperative and respite care become stressful and at the same time, it needs a lot of attention. Our family members cant be around the clock ready to assist us with our routine activities or take care of our timely medication. And hence, after surgery home care for senior members is a challenge, because you are leading a busy life and they are sort of dependent on you. 

After surgery home care for senior members of your family

If your dear ones or near ones have just gone through a surgery, how should you ensure a perfect after surgery home care, especially, if s/he is a senior member? Here are the best of bests tips. 

Help with basic things

Surgeries are painful, it takes time for stitches and sutures to dissolve and wounds to heal. Till that time, a mild body movement can also make you experience immense ache. So be patient with them for these days and help them out with basic things like brushing, combing, bathing or sponge bathing. Be prepared for this testing time, they need you most. 

On-time medications and dressings

Medicines need to be taken on time during after surgery recovery period to avoid any side infections. Double-check the prescriptions and make sure that all medicines, syrups and dressing material is available at home and follow the time table as mentioned by the surgeon. 

While doing dressing, observe any wounds for any signs of inflammation. If you or your caregiver notice anything unusual, immediately seek medical attention.

Encourage them to recover fast

Be with them and spend quality time with them during this sensitive period. If you, for any reason, cannot be available, make sure you have an arrangement of senior home caregivers for them. If they have any dietary restrictions, strictly adhere to it. Encourage them to recover fast by asking them to do small things like throwing medicine wraps in dustbins, taking a walk in their room, calling their friends and similar others. They should feel fresh. 

There has to be some progress in their health on a weekly basis. A lack of progress is not a good sign. Seek medical advice if you doubt their healing progress.

Medical appointments and surgeon visits

Even if after surgery, your dear seniors are showing signs of recovery and health progress, do not miss a single follow-up consultation. Assist them in all medical checkups and doctor appointments. The more you know about their postoperative and respite care requirements, the more you will be able to take after surgery homecare of them. 

Post-surgery exercises

Ensure that they are comfortable in a home care environment. At times, doctors do suggest post-surgery exercises so patients can gradually get back to a routine without physical stiffness or complications. These exercises help the patient get strong and get back on track. Either you or your senior home care provider can help with these movements, ups and downs. Make sure they neither skip it nor overdo it. In all possible ways, assist them to follow their rehabilitation plan.

A word of caution – keep an eye on post-surgery complications

If you cannot really spend enough time for your dear ones, hire a professional and highly experienced in post-operative care provider. And if you simply want to take a break for once in a week, then also you can hire respite care. But in no way, ignore after surgery home care requirements. A single miss can result in major post-surgery complications like sleeping disorders, infections, swelling, itching, etc.  Life after surgery can present a number of physical, practical and emotional challenges. Be with them or have someone stay with them for their speedy recovery. 

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