Joe Cianciotto Highlights The Importance Of Advertising


Advertising is considered to be among the best ways with the help of which companies can communicate with both their prospective and current customers. The popularity of diverse advertising techniques and methods has augmented considerably over the years, especially in large urban centers like New York. Joe Cianciotto mentions that advertising plays a major role in assisting the consumers about the brands available in the market, as well as the types of products and services they offer. No matter the age, background, or gender of people, advertisements are meant for. Typically, diverse techniques and mediums of advertising are chosen to attract and engage diverse types of customers.

Advertising is considered to be a creative and interesting way to reach the customers, and persuade them to purchase the product or service offered by an enterprise. Joe Cianciotto, a New York based professional, mentions that advertising has especially become crucial for companies in this modern competitive market. There are a number of factors that make advertising exceedingly important. Here are a few of them:

  • For the customers: No one can imagine the newspapers or televisions without advertisements, and they tend to play a vital role in the life of the customers. It is by looking at the advertisements that customers are made aware of the various types of brands and products available in the market. If products were not advertised, then customers may not even know about items that would benefit them. Advertising also enables customers to compare multiple products, based on their features and price, so as to identify the one that can efficiently meet their requirements and concerns. Through advertisements, the customers can additionally get a clear idea about what they can expect from a certain product.
  • For businesses: There are numerous reasons that make advertising important for customers. Firstly, it plays a major role in making the customers aware of a certain product, and persuades them to purchase it as well.  This factor helps in enhancing the sales of a company. Advertising aids companies to get a better idea about the features of the products sold by their competitors, which enables them to plan accordingly to meet up the level of competition prevalent in the market. Advertising is especially crucial for any new product being launched by an enterprise, as it would help in creating a ground for the item in the market. Advertising is the basic tool used to make people aware of the new product so that they come and try to purchase it. In addition to these factors, adverting also helps in building and developing the goodwill of a company, and plays a crucial role in solidifying its brand image.

According to Joe Cianciotto, the demand for a product in the market is highly influenced by advertising. With consistently good advertising, demand and supply become a never ending process, thereby enabling a company to enjoy great profits.

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