Affordable Scoliosis Spine Surgery In India


With the advancement in technology in India, people from abroad are also coming to India to have affordable treatment in India. Scoliosis spine surgery cost in India has come down to such an extent that it is very accessible to the general public.

What is Scoliosis Surgery?

The Scoliosis spine surgery includes the involvement of anchoring the medical implants like a screw, hook, rod or wires to the spine where the bones are curved in order to straighten them.

Why is Scoliosis surgery done?

Scoliosis surgery usually has subsequent goals:

Stop the curve’s progression. Once spinal curvature needs surgery, it’s actually because the deformity is constant to worsen. Therefore, scoliosis surgery should at least stop the curve from getting any worse.

Scale back the deformity. Betting on what proportion flexibility continues to be within the spine, scoliosis surgery will usually be-rotate the abnormal spinal twisting additionally to correcting the lateral curve by regarding 500th to 70th.

These changes will facilitate the person to stand up straighter and scale back the rib hump within the back.

Maintain trunk balance. For any changes created to the spine’s positioning, the physician additionally will take into consideration overall trunk balance by attempting to take care of the maximum amount of the spine’s natural front/back (lordosis/kyphosis) curvature whereas also keeping the hips and legs as potential.

Also, any adjustment of the spine should conjointly think about the likely result on the funiculus. The health of the funiculus should be monitored throughout the surgery.

Procedure During Surgery

Spinal Fusion for scoliosis may be done in many ways, but most techniques involve the use of screws and hooks. These are hooked up to the bones for anchoring long rods.

Once this, the affected segments of the spine are repositioned with the assistance of rods. The layers are repositioned to align the spine properly, reducing the lateral twist.

Bone grafts are then introduced to the segments wherever Fusion is needed. These bone grafts could also belong to the patient (autograft) or could be taken from a donor (allograft).

The Fusion of bones takes place at intervals 3 to 6 months and continues for about twelve months. The rods interference the spine until complete Fusion has taken place and therefore, the new bones arable to carry the load of the spine. However, rods aren’t removed after since that may involve another surgery. Generally, the rods might irritate the soft tissues to present around them and will need removal.

Risks In Scoliosis Spine Surgery

  • Paraplegia or loss of movement within the lower components of the body- Since this is often an unfortunate complication, some tests like SSEP (Somatosensory Evoked Potential) and MEP (Motor Evoked Potential) are used throughout surgery to stay a check and monitor if the funiculus is compromised at any stage of operation. If any of those tests indicate a complication, the procedure is reviewed right away, and an additional course of action is taken to revive the health of the funiculus.
  • Severe loss of blood- Since spinal curvature spinal surgery could be a major operation, there’s a great deal of space exposed throughout the surgery. The surgery additionally involves uncovering of muscles. These complicated factors will result in severe blood loss. But with contemporary techniques, it’s attainable to stay the blood loss to affordable levels. Patients may also incline their blood that’s given before surgery and transferred later.
  • Infection
  • Unseaworthy of Cerebra cerebrospinal fluid
  • Failure of Instrumentation
  • Failure of correction


Scoliosis Spine Surgery Cost In India has come down to such an extent that it’s easily affordable to who so ever seeks it. Spine is a very vital part of our body. If you are opting for scoliosis spine surgery, it should probably cost around 11000 USD to 13000 USD. This price could easily give you an overview of how much expenditure is needed for the surgery.

The cost mentioned above includes:

  • The success rate of Scoliosis surgery is almost 85- 90% depending on the curvature of the spine.
  • The accommodation cost includes six days stay in the hospital and 21 days outside the hospital.

The cost also includes test required before the surgery, including a blood test, X-Ray and MRI.

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