How MobileAppDaily Is Helping App Founders To Get Their App Reviewed?


Reviews made a mobile app worth downloading and installing! Why? Because these are the only sources where a user can get an idea about its market prominence.

If you’re an app owner, it’s a mandatory step for you to get your app reviewed on different platforms. This drastically increases the scope of user maximization for your proposed app. Simultaneously, app reviews let a business know about the adoption and usage of their among users.

But the question is how a business or app founder will be able to get this done!

Do you have any idea from where and how to get app reviews from the generic audience? So, what you’ve decided to proceed with? You must be thinking about discussing this major fact with someone who possesses expert level knowledge of app marketing.

MobileAppDaily is the best app review site where you can publish your featured app with extravagant feature listing and pioneering app reviews. The platform allows you to publish the genuine story of your app in an impressive manner.

Let’s help you with the most appropriate solution that can assist you to get genuine app reviews to your app.

Know the significance of app reviews in a business 

App reviews perform as the foundation of every newly launched app. Making this a thought as a base, app founders started thinking of getting the best app reviews for their creatively developed mobile applications. They want their app to be featured on the Android and Apple app stores to facilitate the mobile users of all types.

Their next target is to make the app visible to the best app review sites that have been dealing with app review services for the past many years.

If an app is intended for business purposes, genuine app reviews are the best options to bring quality customers to the associated venture. One just needs to make sure that the app is smartly uploaded and captioned so that the meaning and intent is clear to the users.

Following this strategy will definitely provide great customer and business exposure.

How MobileAppDaily is making this journey flawless? 

Mobileappdaily focuses on a few major factors while thinking of offering app reviews services. Very first, the platform thinks from the perception of users and plans the content to get authentic feedback. Today users think smartly and quickly turn around the app reviews before downloading them to fulfill their purpose.

Now, they are ready to make review-based decisions which are a positive factor that can be counted in-app recognition. The next most important thing which the platform targets is to convert the positive users’ impressions into the conversions.

To get this done, they strive hard to draft the app review in clear, precise, meaningful and impressive language. This lets the app earn organic traffic and maximize revenue for the targeted app.

Standards that MobileAppDaily adhere to get an app reviewed

Before initiating the process of posting the app reviews on different social media sites, experts at MobileAppDaily make sure that every norm is being prudently followed –

  1. Both Android and iOS apps should be uploaded well to their respective app stores to make sure that these are not showcased in the beta phase.
  2. An app that has been requested for the app reviews should not belong to the gambling or casino category.
  3. Recently launched apps will not be entertained. That means the app should be live on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for more than four to six weeks.

MobileAppDaily believes that every app should be appropriately ranked on the app stores as per their category. They start by segregating the app by average, top and gaming apps category and decide the ratio these apps require to get top visibility waze or google maps.

Suppose an app founder approached Mobileappdaily to get his average app review, then the review ratio should be around 60+ and the number of app reviews exceeds to 150+ in case of top mobile applications. For gaming apps, the ratio would be approx 200+ which is really a hard nut.

MobileAppDaily opts every possible method and makes sure that desired app review targets are met. The app’s marketing experts here analyze the web and distribute the desired app reviews on popular social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What’s Next?

Mobileappdaily is the platform that has been running reputedly as the best app review site eliminating app founders’ hassle of getting their app reviewed on different yet valuable networks. Is there’s anything else that the platform does not offer related app reviews? No! The platform is resolving app owners’ doubts of how to get app reviews for their apps.

If you have any queries regarding how to get app reviews, connect with MobileAppDaily directly anytime. They will passionately look at your concerns and resolve your queries with the best possible solutions.

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