Advantages of Roghan Almond Oil


We all know that almond oil is an incredible natural ingredient with immense advantages for health and beauty. Almond oil is a wealthy source of vitamin E, fatty acids, protein, potassium and zinc, and many other minerals and vitamins. That’s why we consider Almond oil to be so great for our heart, skin, and hair. It’s sweet almond oil, as the name indicates. Literally, this product is a multi-purpose product that can be used to improve your beauty as well as your inner health. So let’s see how Roghan Badam Shirin can be used.

How to Use Roghan Badam oil for Skin, Hair, and Health

There are two variations of almond oil–sweet and bitter. It is possible to derive bitter almond oil from bitter almonds. As it includes a toxic ingredient called hydrocyanic acid, bitter almond oil is not at all safe to be taken internally. Extracted sweet almond oil from edible almonds is the one that is used. Not only does sweet almond oil give a flawless skin, but it also takes care of your hair and inner health. To reap all the advantages of sweet almond oil, you must be able to use this incredible ingredient that Mother Nature has given us. Scroll down and read how to use Roghan Badam oil for hair benefits your hair and how to integrate sweet almond oil into your daily skincare and health care regime.

1.Skin Care :

1. The deep moisturizing almond oil, Roghan Badam oil makes the skin soft and supple. It works as both, a face and body massage oil. Apply this oil every night before bedtime and see how the dryness is near goes.

2. Roghan Almond Oil is an amazing treatment for under eye dark circles also. Simply dip your index finger in the oil and gently massage your under-eye area. Don’t rub too hard, because it won’t get absorbed completely. Use it every night just the way mentioned earlier and your dark circles will hardly be visible.

2.Hair Care :

Roghan Almond Oil prevents hair loss, helps in regrowth, helps to make hair soft, shiny and black, helps to prevent dandruff and what not! You name it and you have the benefit from this super beneficial oil. Badam Rogan for hair fall has done a great job in controlling hair fall and it also reduces dandruff. It helps reduce itching, prevent hair fall and dandruff. Mix this oil with coconut/olive oil and massage the scalp with it along the hair length. Then wait for 30-60 minutes and wash off with shampoo. Repeat this twice a week and this will reduce your hair fall to a great extent and also treat your dandruff. You can directly apply this oil itself on the scalp without mixing it with other oils. In winter, warm the oil before applying as warm oil treatment is very beneficial for hair.


Thus, we all know how Roghan almond oil is beneficial for our hair and skin. Benefit yourself with natural properties instead of regretting and paying for expensive medications for skin and hair later.

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