Iconic Movie Attires That You Can Wear In Real Life

Movies have a perpetual, potent impact on culture and that is why people wear movie costumes in Australia in real life. What we watch in movies tend to shape what we wear, whether we realise it or not. Whether it is the goggles, the shoes or hairstyle, we learn a few fashion trends from movies. Here are some iconic costumes from movies that you can wear in real life.

The Sci-Fi Heroine

The best way you can wear metallic and stand out is to treat them as neutral. Rather than wearing white from head to toe, you can switch to silver. You can keep your halogen ‘esque boots for the evening if you think they are too much.

The girl next door

This costume can make you celebrate your feminine side by channelling one of the characters in the film. You can wear a wrap-top with a bright skirt to make the perfect movie costumes in Australia of the girl next door. Espadrilles and a pale pink purse can complement your costume.

The film noir vixen

This is the best for galas and black-tie weddings although they don’t come around often. However, when they do, you can show up like a movie star. Statement jewels paired with a dramatic black gown are high glamor and high impact.

The power woman

Dressing for the office shouldn’t be boring especially when suiting is not de rigueur. Classic pumps, a crisp dress and a bag big enough for your things can create an impact. You will be the heroine of the day.

The action star

Strong and tough women are having a moment in movies as well. You can get a movie costume in Australia and appear like a no-nonsense superhero. Go for combat boots, leather and dark sunglasses to complete the look of the action star girl.

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