A Guide on CT Scan and How to Find a Best CT Scan Centre in Mumbai


The CT or Computed Tomography is a technique with which a doctor can scan inside of a living body. This scan is performed on a human being to identify various problems inside a human body. CT Scan creates a picture of the organs, tissues, and bones, which helps the doctor to analyse any issues of your body. CT scan uses a combination of X-rays and computer for creating these pictures of your body, and it provides a better result than normal X-rays.

CT Scan is popular overall around the globe and in India too. Some of the major cities of India have well-equipped facilities of CT Scan in which Mumbai is among one of the cities. There are various CT Scan Centres in Mumbai providing a good facility with renowned doctors from all over the globe.

Why is CT Scan performed?

As we know now what CT Scan is, it can be performed on a living body to identify various issues and problems which cannot be found by normal scan or X-ray. There is a long list of reasons why a doctor will choose to do a CT Scan of an individual or a living body which are pointed out below.

  • CT scan can be used to identify major bone fractures, tumours, or to detect joint problems
  • If a living body is suffering from a condition like cancer, heart disease, liver masses, CT scan can help the doctor to get in deep of the problem and find a root cause and cure it if it is possible
  • CT scans also help in locating tumours, blood masses, infection, or any other disease which is not possible by any other means of scanning or X-ray
  • Doctors use CT scan in surgeries, biopsies, and radiation therapies
  • If there is an internal injury which is not visible by the human eye, a CT scan is much helpful in identifying those

So, by performing a CT Scan, it becomes easy for a doctor to identify the problem and find a cure for it. If you are facing any internal injury which is being difficult to treat by a normal scan or X-ray, you can visit any of the CT Scan centres in Mumbai, to get it identified and treated.

What is the process of CT Scan?

When your doctor recommends you for CT scan and if it is your first time you might be a bit scared of seeing the big machines around your body. But the process is quite simple. When a CT Scan is performed on a living body, a narrow X-ray beam centres around the part of a living body where the issue or disease needs to be identified. The X-ray beam moves around a specific part of the body is many angles and dimensions creating an image of that part. With this scanning, the computer creates a cross-sectional 2D oriented picture.

How a CT scan is done?

When performing a CT Scan, a living body must go through a semi-circle machine in the lying position. The body moves slowly through the scanner and the X-rays keep rotating around the body, until and unless a proper image of the area which is getting scanned is generated. When you are the on the table, it is not suggested for you to move as moving can cause blurring in the image formation which can cause an issue in detecting the problem. It is normal to hear the whirring or buzzing noise when inside the machine.

How much time is taken for a CT Scan?

The total time for the CT Scan depends on which part of the body is getting scanned. If problems are not found at once, a body may need to be scanned again. Sometimes, it takes very less time, but sometimes it can go on for hours.

How to find a CT Scan Centres in Mumbai?

If you are in Mumbai, a metropolitan city of India, and looking for a CT scan centre in Mumbai, there are lots of ways in finding one.

Today, the internet is the main source of finding anything and everything. Not only clothes and electronics, but nowadays, you can find doctors too. Similarly, you can also find CT scan centres by searching it on the internet. You must be specific in what type of treatment you are looking for and in which area you are residing in. You can get your search for CT scan centres in Mumbai, by searching on websites like Sulekha, Justdial, IndiaMart, or even by searching it on your favourite search engine.

You can also consult your nearby clinic to know about CT scan centre in Mumbai. This method of finding CT scan centres is always recommended as the clinics which suggested you for CT scan can give a correct recommendation of the CT scan. When searching offline, you can find always a book an appointment faster than online appointments as you can choose your time slot accordingly.

And when searching online, take care of choosing a CT Scan centre which is having a good rating and a good number of surgeons and doctors. Do not go on fake reviews and do visit the CT scan centre which you sorted out online.

Final verdict:

There are a lot of CT scan centres in Mumbai; it is you who need to decide which is best suitable CT scan centre for you based on the cost, consultants, doctors, and ratings. While choosing a CT Scan centre near you or far from you depending on your treatment, it is always better to know about the qualification and degree of the doctor who is going to treat you. Sometimes there are some risks and side effects of CT Scan too, so when you are getting your CT Scan done, do not forget to get yourself checked properly, as radiations from the X-rays can be harmful to you. Do tell your doctor about the allergies you have to medications, seafood, or ionization before getting a CT Scan done.

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