4 Top Adventurous Things To Do As A Tourist In Costa Rica


With lush jungles, adventure activities like a visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park, sun and surf, Costa Rica is an ideal vacation spot for all manners of travellers. Whether you are on a holiday with your family or backpacking through Central America, this article has gathered a list of the best activities to embark on in Costa Rica that you will certainly not want to miss.

  1. Learn how to surf

The nation is famous for its surf, and several individuals flock there just to rip the waves. Even if you are inexperienced on board, it’s an excellent location to learn how to surf. While you can get excellent surf all through the west coast of the country, you’ll certainly like the vibe of Santa Teresa. Tamarindo, Montezuma, and Dominical are some other famous surf locations and each features its own unique draw. Though it’s hazardous for amateurs to face the waves, surf lessons in the country are cheap and you can get anything between single lessons and weeklong surf camps.

  1. Soak yourself in natural hot springs

Hot springs are abundant close to the Arenal’s active volcano with best travel blogs. Soaking in a pool that’s blissfully warm (or even a couple of them) should be included in your Costa Rica travel itinerary. From resorts that are luxuriously landscaped with hot pools that are jaw-dropping, to a section that’s naturally hot in the river that’s nearby, which is completely free to enter, there’s a hot spring for all kinds of travelers (and budget too) when on an Arenal volcano tour in Costa Rica.

  1. Go rafting in whitewater

Whether you are only seeking a family activity that’s fun or is an adrenaline junkie, there are rapids that will give you fun. Some among the best (and truly most accessible) rivers you can raft is located in Costa Rica. While you can undertake this activity all around the entire nation, one among the most famous spots where you can go whitewater rafting is in Arenal. And, if you are actually up for a real adventure, take rafting on the Pacuare River into consideration. It’s a multi-day rafting trip that takes off from San Jose and will certainly be a lifetime experience for you. In addition, it’s an excellent method of transportation throughout the whole country.

  1. View amazing volcanoes at close range

With more than sixty volcanoes sprinkled across the nation, it will be quite challenging not to see one. There are several of them even just outside San Jose, the capital city. If you desire to be a little bit more adventurous, set out to La Fortuna to hike the Arenal volcano. From the entry point of lava trails and Arenal 1968 Volcano View, you can walk on top of old lava flows and get the most excellent views of the volcano.

If you desire to observe any of the natural yet beautiful phenomena such as the Arenal Volcano National park that’s offered by Costa Rica, do your own due diligence. And, you should try and go with a naturalist guide. They will guide you through what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

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