4 Ways How Plastic Surgery on Breasts Can Enhance Your Personality


Good appearance is among the basic needs of every lady just like food shelter & clothes. It is not any kind of satire joke but the basic instinct of females. They take care of every small detail regarding facial expressions, hair, breasts waistline and other physical assets. The consistently rapid growth of beauty products industry is a major proof of this fact. Basically, there are two kinds of beauty treatments that one can expect from beauty salons and cosmetic surgery clinics i.e. permanent and temporary. Generally, temporary methods are highly preferred because they are affordable and customizable. However, there are some beauty treatments that you need on a permanent basis. For instance, breasts enhancement, fat reduction or hair removal. Most of the ladies dissatisfied with the current shape and size of their breasts. There is a huge market of breasts cosmetic surgery where you can expect all kinds of treatments regarding beauty. Here is a list of some treatments provided by proficient skin treatment clinics.

Most popular breast treatments that you can expect from a cosmetic surgery clinic

1. Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

The process of augmentation is meant for those who are not satisfied with the small size of their breasts. Along with the increment in their size, surgeons also improve the contour and overall appearance according to the expectation of a lady. Women who feel their breasts are too small for wearing sexy dresses and being hot can get help of augmentation. A proficient surgeon place silicon or saline implants pectoralis chest muscles. The quantity of fillers decides the size of a breast after accomplishing the surgical procedure.

2. Breast reconstruction

If the breasts are in a perfect size, still some ladies feel the need for reconstruction. One half of the human body is heavier than another half and the same thing is applicable to breasts too. If you want them in a balanced shape, the reconstruction process can be helpful. During the reconstruction process, volume, appearance, contour and nipples, everything can be molded into the desired shape. Sometimes. Breastfeeding mothers feel the distortion in nipples shape or cancer patients need extra tissues in some areas that can be reconstructed by taking skin from nearby body area by the experts of plastic surgery in Bellevue.

3. Breast Reduction

Not all ladies are happy with the large size of their breasts. Sometimes, they go beyond a limit where ladies feel uncomfortable to do normal tasks of the day. Gaining weight is excess results in back pain, skin irritation, numbness, and many other problems. Therefore, it is also necessary from a medical perspective. The process of breasts reduction involves surgical treatment in which excess tissues are removed. The breast implant surgeons keep the patient under surveillance for the entire day, gives anesthesia that keeps them on deep sleep for at least 3 to 4 hours depending on the time period of surgery.

4. Breast Lifting

Breasts sagging is one of the most common issues the ladies who are growing old. Also, some breastfeeding mothers may face the same situation. If the skin is not capable enough to hold the weight, breast augmentation surgeons can also help in lifting them. The lifting process is called mastopexy in which they remove saggy skin. For better results, intense pulse light therapy is also implemented in order to improve the collagen level which is responsible for the stretchiness of skin.

5. Most common risks involving in breast treatments

While doing breast surgeries for beautification or medical purpose, you must be aware of the risks. Here are some concerns to consider:-

  1. Scarring is one of the major risks that you may experience after breast reduction or reconstruction because the skin is removed surgically.
  2. In some cases, bleeding is also reported because of the wrong procedure.
  3. After the accomplishment of the surgical process, the results may disappoint you. Wrong positioning during implant may result in a distorted shape of breasts.
  4. If the treatment is not done by a proficient surgeon, some ladies may face the problem in implant leakage after augmentation.

Breast surgery can surely enhance the personality of ladies and make them feel more confident. However, always choose a certified clinic that is taking full accountability during and after the treatment.

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