The Most Common Causes Of Damages To Car Paint You Should Know


There are several reasons for which you would need a car scratch repair in Sydney. Scratches to car paint are not just unsightly, but they could drive the resale value of your vehicle down. If you do not get the scratches fixed, it could end in chronic and rising rust issues. Unfortunately, it’s practically too common to acquire damages to your car paint. So, if you desire to maintain the paintwork of your car in showroom condition, here are the most common causes of damage to car paint that you should beware of.

Stone chips

Loose pebbles and stones are among the foremost offenders when it concerns car body damage. They are most common on motorways and are brought about by gravel, little rocks, and road debris that are flipped backwards from the tires of vehicles and cars that are in front of you. As a result of these little stones’ high speed, they frequently leave truly deep dings in a car’s paintwork, most usually on its bumpers or bonnet.

Winter weather

The sleet, road salt, and snow that accompany winter could inflict lots of paint damage to your vehicle and the damage could even be permanent. In addition, if you reside in a region of the world that’s rainy, or close to the sea, the minerals contained in the rain or salt from the sea could also produce water spots, which can prove challenging to remove even by experts of car paint repair in Sydney. There are several and varying ways for preventing winter weather from ruining your car’s paintwork.

Summer weather

Unfortunately, it isn’t only winter weather that’s capable of causing car body damage – if your vehicle gets exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time it brings about the fading of the paintwork. Keeping your vehicle in a garage or undercover if possible is the best means of avoiding this.

Bird Droppings

The acidity of bird droppings that are dry could cause permanent damage to the paint on your car. There are several and varying products that could be used to remove these droppings from cars, but you still have to be very careful to make sure that you do not cause any damage to the car paint by scrapping the droppings off.


Dead bugs which are left on cars could be challenging to remove as they are quite acidic. When a bug lands on your vehicle, try and remove it as fast as you can to prevent car body damage.

Fuel stains

Petrol, brake fluid, diesel, or even engine oil could bring about lasting damage to a car’s body when they come in contact with its paintwork, frequently causing the paint to peel. If you get a spillage when refuelling or have a leak, wash the car thoroughly as soon as you can so you can safeguard the paintwork.

Do not forget that neglecting the implementation of any chip removal on your car’s paintwork or any car scratch repair in Sydney could end in grave rust issues – meaning that you might unnecessarily incur additional, yet avoidable costs in the future. So, avoid these listed culprits and you won’t.

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