4 Fantastic CrossFit Calorie Burning Exercises


You don’t need a gym, treadmill or a whole set of weights to do a really good workout. When it comes to functional fitness, let your body be your gym.

CrossFit is known for using your own body weight. And with the help of your own body, it is possible to achieve significant calorie burning – as long as you do your best. Because after these exercises, with the Tabata way of exercising, you should feel like you no longer have an atom of energy to give.

You can do these four Crossfit Exercises literally anywhere. Well you have no more excuses! The goal is to complete each exercise eight times using the TABATA method (20 seconds of strongest intensity, with a rest interval of ten seconds) to burn fat, burn calories, and exercise the entire body.

Make sure to follow a balanced diet, check here if you don’t know what to eat before CrossFit.

Air squats

Air squats take traditional squats to another level. Start in a squat position (weight is on your heels), jump as high as you can and lower yourself low into a squat, shifting your weight back to your heels.

Tip: use your hands to jump even higher. In just a minute of this exercise you will burn 14 calories. If you feel knee pain while squatting, take a break.


Rarely does anyone like this exercise, but this is exactly one of the best exercises you can do with your weight.

First, from an upright position, lower yourself into a low squat, placing your palms on the floor. Then bounce back (palms do not change position) and move to the upper push-up position and then immediately return to the previous position (squat). From that position he jumped into the air. This completes one burpee. In the beginning, make them as much as you can. The goal is to get to a 3 minute burpee performance.


Lounges  is a great exercise for the buttocks and thigh muscles.

Start from an upright position, feet shoulder-width apart, arms outstretched along the body. Straighten your back, tighten your abdominal muscles, and step forward, leaning first on your heel and then on your entire foot. The step should be so long that the foot of the hind leg is lifted off the ground. Lower yourself as you inhale, until the knee of the front leg is lowered to a 90-degree angle, keeping the weight of the body on the back leg. Make sure that the knee of the front foot does not cross the imaginary line of the toes of the same foot. Push up from the front foot as you exhale. To change this exercise, you can also take a step back.

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers activate the muscles of the upper arm, core (abdominal and lower back muscles) and legs in one go.

Start from a high plank position (on the palms), then alternately pull the knees towards the chest (as much as you can) and move the feet as fast as possible. Focus on pulling the navel towards the lower back.

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