Why Assam Bachao Congress Campaign Is the Biggest Trend?


In the state of Assam, the elections are nearing close which makes all the parties start the campaigns for gathering the votes. The Assam bachao Congress is the campaign that is started by this opposition party in the state. It is the good one for normal people to talk about their issues regarding the current ruling party called the BJP. The freedom of speech and the expectation from the people is gathered through this campaign. It will create the new awareness among the people against the dangerous ruling party.

When the campaign is started by congress?

Saving the state of the Assam from the hands of the culprits is the main aim that the president of the congress called Ripun Bora has launched the rally. It is very much useful for the normal citizens of the state that too the poor people to tell about their sufferings that they have met during the natural disaster and the other times. This is the biggest chance for their individuals to express their heart and thoughts about the state condition and also they can ask for what to be needed for them. This is a good initiative that everyone is praising the congress party as the committee has announced the rally. The sufferings of the people in the past five years are the lot and some of the big issues that the people have faced are demonetization, extra taxes, and the farmer’s protests. All these things are the biggest mistakes that the people are waiting to give the revenge and so this campaign will help them to boost their confidence and make them vote for the congress which will solve the problems.

What is the highlight of this campaign?

The congress party has made the rally for saving the Assam. Also in this digital world, the party has announced the social media contest. Here the people have to put the two minutes video by making the hashtag AssamBachao on the social media platform. Whether the people want to put in the Facebook, Twitter, or others they can simply make the hashtag and upload their two minutes video. Since social media is the biggest platform many people will able to post by expressing their thoughts. The ten-day campaign Assam bachao Congress was started on the tenth of February and still now it is running successfully. Millions of the people from the residents are making interesting videos that are containing their problems and thoughts. This will be the heavenly only for the people to win the iPhone 12 and the other cash rewards. It is a good one for the congress party members to know about the primary issues and they will take the consideration immediately. The bus rally is also started by the Congress party. This rally will go here and there around the state and ask about the issues from the people directly. It is the most welcomed one by the people of the Assam after they have struggled for the past five years. Thus these kinds of the rally will help the Congress party to win the upcoming election.

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