Would it be sensible to quit Zofran to eradicate morning sickness during pregnancy?

Zofran and pregnancy 2018 is a topic that has grabbed a lot of eyeballs. It is one of the most common types of drugs that are used to treat morning sickness during the course of pregnancy. At the same time it has not been approved by the FDA as well. Now the question is what would happen if someone came and told you that if you took this drug the chances of a baby being born with birth defect would increase. This is the essence of Zofran while pregnant 2018 and a lot of studies have been conducted on this subject till date. The mere mention of all these facts would be a definite cause of shivering.

All this does hold a lot of value. Here the name of the drug happens to be Zofran and is one of the most common drugs that is put to use at the time of morning sickness during the first trimester. Yes a lot of evidence does link it up with increase in heart defects. If you have been part of this drug then do not Google it. You are likely to come across lot of law firms dealing with cases at this point of time. But no need to panic as let us evaluate it on the basis of facts that are presented to us.

It has been observed that morning sickness is a common cause of worry in 80 % of pregnant women. In most of the situations you should be not be bothered about it. But at a certain point of time the chances of dehydration or weight loss will increase considerably. From a pregnancy point of view this could be really dangerous.


In case if you are part of this drug, the chances are that both the mother and the baby will be fine. But still on the basis of facts presented to us it would be of great help if you avoid this drug as far as possible. There are other drugs in the market which can be used to cure morning sickness. For example the FDA went on to give their thumbs up to a drug known as Diclegis that is an effective cure for morning sickness. It does work out to be one of the safest methods to eradicate morning sickness. But there are some other traditional methods to combat the issues of morning sickness

  • The first thing that you should do when you wake up from bed is not to have an empty stomach. Do feast on a few crackers when you are lying on bed.
  • Increase the intake of fluids during the day and have smaller meals in between
  • Make it a point that you keep away from fatty or spicy foods
  • If you are feeling nausea try to have ginger


There you are about to get the ball rolling. There is no need to panic if you have morning sickness. Try Zofran at the last.


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