Workout at home: push-ups without machine


Here we will discuss best chest workout routine to be done at home without any machine help. When one will start thinking for doing exercise the first work outcomes to our mind is push-ups we can easily do at home and push-ups works. Different types of push-ups help us to get a bigger chest and a good body shape. Push-ups also target our tummy to get it into the flat shape which looks impressive. It also affects shoulders and biceps to get more strong and powerful.

We can make best chest workout routine at home by these different types of push-ups n we don’t have to go to the gym and pay for it. If one can do a minimum two or three types of push-ups daily can get rid of small chest weak shoulders and biceps and unwanted body shape.

So here we are going to tell you briefly about the different kinds of push-ups and their advantages below.


  • Diamond push up: –


Diamond push up is same as a traditional push-up. It is different from traditional push up because while doing this push up one will have to make a triangle shape by hands. First one will have to maintain upper body part weight on their hands and hands should be closer to each other and thumbs get touched.

And the lower body part weight should manage on toes. Then lay down the upper body part slowly and then get back to the starting position. Repeat it for minimum 10 times of two sets. Diamond push-ups directly target our shoulders to get stronger. It also affects biceps to get a good shape. Diamond push-ups are easy to do and its results are very appreciable.


  • Wide grip pushes up: 


If you want a bigger chest and shoulders to be more attractive then this pushes up will surely help you. This is almost same as traditional push-up and the difference between traditional and wide grip push up is while doing wide grip push up you have to maintain more space of your hands to form your shoulder. While doing this push-up one has to start like traditional push-up and keep distance between shoulders and hands as much as you can. While doing this exercise one has to bend elbows more than traditional push-up and the rest procedure is the same as a traditional push-up. Lay yourself down to the ground and slowly up. Repeat the same for minimum ten times of two sets. The advantages of wide grip push-ups are very explosive. It helps to stretch the muscles of shoulders, biceps and chest with more power and one can get the most attractive looks and strong shoulders, biceps and bigger chest.


  • Clap push-ups: – 


Here is the third-best push-up technique for chest workout routine. It is very tough to do because it consumes more power while doing this push-up. This is also same as a traditional push-up. Starting position, the difference between arms and shoulders are almost the same as a traditional push-up. But the difference between traditional and clap push-ups is when you take your upper body up you have to clap your hands together before going back to the starting position. While doing this exercise you at starting position you have to spring your upper body up so that you can have enough time and space to clap. If one cannot clap at the beginning then can just spring the upper body up and explore the upper body in the air. Repeat it minimum ten times of two sets. After doing this exercise for three or four days you will be able to add clap. This push up consumes more power but its results are awesome. You can get rid of laziness and the blood will circulate faster.


We discussed above the different techniques of push-ups which can we easily do at home for the best chest workout routine. We also told about all the advantages and proper procedure of different types of push-ups. We wish the information given by us will help you to get an impressive look and good body shape. Our experts would like to know your reviews on the same.

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