Why You Should Not Use Cheap Contact Lenses?


Contact lenses are a convenient solution to help you enhance your vision. You won’t need to worry about wearing glasses or needing to carry them around with you throughout your day, plus there are many different kinds of contact lenses to choose from to find the right ones for your eyes.

Contact lenses also come at a varying range of price points, as it depends on the contact lens and the brand. While there are cheap contact lenses available for purchase, they will not always be the highest quality or the best choice for your eyes. Getting low quality contact lenses are more likely to not last as long, and they are prone to tearing which can result in damage to your cornea or eye in general.

When it comes to something as important as your vision, it’s better to go for quality and spend the extra money. It is possible to buy contact lenses online without breaking the bank, but keep in mind that many individuals make the mistake of thinking that the quality of the contact lens will not make a difference. But, this is a mistake.

Getting cheap contact lenses online are easily available without a prescription, but will they be the right solution for your eyes? And are they safe for your eyes? Getting prescription contact lenses is the most sensible choice since only a professional eye doctor will be able to let you know what is best for you. This includes checking the shape of your eye to ensure you have the right fit for your contacts. High quality, branded contact lenses also take these aspects into consideration. There are negative effects associated with wearing ill-fitting, non-branded and inexpensive contact lenses which can result in harm to your eyes.

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is one of the most common negative effects of wearing cheap contact lenses. Contacts are meant to improve your vision, not make it worse. However, wearing the wrong prescription will likely cause an impairment in an individual’s vision. While this will not usually cause permanent damage to your eyes or vision, many people will experience eye strain as a result and along with that will suffer from headaches.


High-quality contact lenses will cost slightly more than cheap ones, but they will provide more comfort since they are made to fit your eyes perfectly. Contact lenses that are a good fit are important because the front of the eye, known as the cornea, can be shaped differently from person to person. A lens that does not fit properly can move around, and possibly result in scratches on the eye’s surface.

Risk of corneal ulcers

Getting a corneal ulcer is another possible issue that results from wearing cheap contact lenses without a proper prescription. A corneal ulcer is a corneal infection that will have symptoms like eye pain, tearing and light sensitivity. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you should stop wearing the contact lenses immediately and see an eye specialist. Putting off treatment can cause permanent scarring of the cornea in a worst case scenario.

Are expensive contacts really worth it?

You should always consult with your optometrist about the cheapest contact lens available to you and that will work for your unique situation. This helps you make sure that you can still get quality level vision while staying within your budget. Expensive contacts are not necessarily always better, but they can give you important features that your eyes need which make them worth the extra cost.

What are the price ranges for contact lenses?

When you are thinking about the cost of contact lenses you will need to think about the quality of the contact lenses themselves, as well as how they fit and your eye examination. You should get an eye exam as frequently as your eye doctor recommends to make sure that you are always wearing the right prescription.

Taking a look at the average cost of contact lenses, the average price range is from $25 to $500 per box or lens. Some are priced per box and others will be priced per lens. The price will also depend on whether the contact lens is a daily or a monthly.

If you’ve got insurance that covers it, they will usually help absorb some of the cost. But keep in mind that you need to make sure they cover the type of contact lens that you want to get. Some plans have certain rules regarding the type of contact lens they will cover. Vision insurance will usually provide at least a partial coverage for at least one eye exam each year.

If you are on a strict budget, then it’s a great idea to shop around to find out where you can get the best deals. Just be sure that you are buying your contacts from a reputable vendor so they are the right quality.

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