Why Should You Not Ignore Measuring the Resting Heart Rate?


Just as everyone knows, resting heart rate is a significant sign of overall health and fitness. For years, athletes and trainers have grown an obsession for the resting heart rates since it has been a determining factor for all kinds of athletic performances. However, a low RHR is important in indicating the overall health conditions.

The resting heart rate, according to 마음수련원 is the measure of how fast the heart beats to pump blood even when you are sitting, lying, walking or while doing any other activity, other than sleeping. It is obviously best measured in the morning and depending on the score, the following measures are to be taken.

Factors that Affect the Resting Heart Rate in Individuals

There are several factors that affect the resting heart rate in individuals.

  • Sustainable aerobic exercise carried out in a daily routine, which must include brisk walking, cycling, or even jogging done at least thrice a week helps in maintaining a lower RHR. Whatever be the nature of exercise, it is important to increase the heart rate for an extended time period.
  • Keeping the body hydrated is another important factor. The more the body stays hydrated, the level of viscosity of the blood stays higher, hence leaving a less exertion on the heart to pump out necessary amount of blood.
  • The body goes under all the processes of rest, repair, and recover when it is in uninterrupted sleep. The more inconsistent your sleep is, the higher gets the RHR, leaving the heart stressed out.
  • Low carb and high protein diet helps your body stay fit. The lower the level of sodium in your blood, it allows the arteries to keep clear leading to lower RHR. The lesser the heart works, better are the conditions for maintaining low RHR.

In order to maintain a low RHR, lifestyle has got a huge and significant role to play. Every single day, and how you live it has either role to play in keeping low RHR. Here are few things that all 마음수련원 ask people to avoid to keep your heart healthy.

  • The more you drink and smoke, the higher is the stress limit on the entire cardio vascular system. So the moment you start eliminating these habits the better is the performance of your heart.
  • A healthy weight creates increased metabolic rate and also delivers energy efficiency within the human body. Hence keeping an average weight helps retain balance in your body and a low RHR.
  • Meditation has always been the key for any health condition. The more you practice, better is the heart rate over the time period.

For a complete wellness, the heart rate is important. Hence people must dedicate a certain portion of their day in taking utmost care of the most vital organ of human body apart from brain. Deliver accurate metrics and keep a track of the improvement in its performance.

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