Why SAP Business One Cloud?


SAP Business One Cloud powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an affordable and integrated ERP software that scales as your business needs evolve, allowing your business to run profitable decisions. From financials and sales to inventory and production, it gives you real-time business information from all areas of your business making you have smarter business decisions, anywhere and anytime.

With SAP Business One Cloud, all your valuable information is kept safe and secure allowing you to spend more time on other strategic tasks and less on internal IT costs.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits that it brings to your business.


When you implement SAP Business One Cloud, you automatically enjoy the security and benefits of the AWS cloud. AWS safeguards your data and prevents loss of information. The AWS Model is highly reliable and secure, making it the most secure and robust system available.

  • High visibility & control
  • High-speed performance with high security
  • Disaster recovery plans & regular data backups

Cost Savings

Stop spending extra time, money and resources on server maintenance and infrastructure.

  • No IT intervention
  • No downtime or data loss
  • No need to invest in heavy and expensive infrastructure

Remote Access

It helps you access the software anytime and anywhere and on any device  (PC, MAC, Linux). Your sales team or finance team or any other team can easily access the information.

  • Access the software anytime, anywhere, and on any device (PC, MAC, Linux)
  • Remote employees can input data easily and monitor it in real-time
  • Reduce the risk of business data loss


It allows you to add or remove users easily to meet the constantly changing demands of your business.

  • Scalable solution that grows as your business needs evolve
  • Scale users automatically up or down and meet your exact business needs


Run a connected, leaner and more agile organization with efficacy with SAP HANA. Get up and running faster with speed with this amazing and enterprise-ready software.

  • Ensure the fastest performance and get the desired speed you need
  • Deployed quickly as compared to an on-premise environment

Many companies currently running SAP Business One chose cloud option over on-premise owing to many reasons. The cloud options render ease of deployment, lower infra costs, data security, and global scalability. Deploying Cloud option is way simple and brings major cost savings in terms of traditional on-premise infrastructure. So, if your server is taking too long to respond and you need high availability scenarios in data loss and other events that you can contact the best SAP Business One partner in India.   So, if you have been looking for SAP cloud deployment option, but getting confused as what on-cloud option can bring in for business, then you can have this article ready.


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