Educational Birthday Parties For Children


Cutting a science birthday cake will be a different experience. This will boost the mood of the birthday kid and the invitees too. The parents can make a slime-making party with an educational theme. They will learn some simple principals of science with fun. They can also eat science-themed food recipes. All together, science birthday parties are necessary to do when your kids are in-between six to twelve years old. The parents must not try DIY methods by buying science party kits online. There are children party entertainers to do it in a professional manner. You can read mad science birthday party reviews and view some videos too. Here, we have discussed its cost, science entertainment, safety and venue to do a science party for kids.

Science Birthday Party Experiments Are Safe

Yes, science party experiments are safe, when you hire the service from a professional entertainment agency.

  • They appoint a qualified and experienced entertainer.
  • They do experiments with PAT ok instruments.
  • They do not use any harmful, flammable and hazardous chemicals.
  • They do very simple experiments which work on nature power. They are like air pressure, water pressure, force and gravity.

Even the food for science birthday party is safe to eat, as they only resemble some science models. The science experiments do not leave any residue to clean. They give a coat and goggles to the birthday kid and all invitees as a safety measure.

Mad Science Birthday Party Cost

Science birthday parties and their cost vary with the entertainment companies. A reputed kid’s entertainment service provider will have many science party packages. A premium birthday party will include full science birthday party supplies free. These are as follows.

  • Science party pintables’
  • Science birthday party invitations
  • Science party signs
  • Science party decorations

The party cost also depends on the below-mentioned variants.

  • Duration of the science party
  • Number of invitees (kids)
  • Number of experiments
  • Performers cost if any like a baboon, clowns, dancers, and singers.

This is because it is not an educational party; it is a science party with fun. The parents can select a package according to their budget. However, you can speak over the phone or chat online to know about pricing. You can also check the science party cost from the party entertainment company’s official website.

Science Party Places

The science parties are best to do in the indoors and outdoors. The mad scientist and his lab will take only 100-sq-ft of your room space. Rest, you must see your invitees can sit comfortably in the same room. They send experimental rockets in the outdoors.

The parents and their children must watch some science party videos if they have not attended such parties during the birthday occasion. In this way, you can do some variety of entertainment apart from a traditional way of cake cutting. Your birthday kid and the invitees will speak about the science party for months. You can do this in a professional way by calling a reputed science entertainer.

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