What makes dead body freezer box Kolkata so prominent to book or hire?


Are you seeking for a dead body freezer box? Everywhere the world is not safe place and also death is unpredictable. So, you need to take care of the safety and the right hygiene. The dead body freezer box Kolkata is a perfect thing that witness safety.

There are several times when we witness the incidents of the accident as well as create sudden death for some unavoidable circumstances. The services provided by Anthyesti understands the pain of the mourning family and so they know what are the needs required for many in case of death. The dead body box freezers preserves the dead body and reaches them at door step with 24X7 assistance.

Losing your loved ones is a painful experience. It is high time that the family to move on for consolation. The legal formalities and the rituals are completed. The mortuary freezer box holds the dead bodies for over a short and long period of time.  These dead body freezer boxes are needed in the military hospitals, railways, airports, camps and many more.

The need for the dead body freezer box is quite high. You can book any freezer box or hire the dead body freezer box to store and preserve the dead body without any decay. The dead body freezer box on hire in Kolkata offers in double layer to avoid releasing a kind of foul odor. The experts offers with the package for freezing dead bodies so that they do not decay anyhow.

Every modern health care facility offers with mortuary refrigerator that adds to its cold space. The positive temperature ranges from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius in these types of the cold chambers. The dead bodies can be rightly stored and kept in the freezer. These facilities are used by those who live in some distant places. Dead body freezer boxes help them in preserving the body so that their loved ones can meet them for the last time.

These dead bodies are stored in freezer boxes all set in these cold temperatures set from -10 to -50 degree Celsius. Another place which uses this facility is the forensic institutions. Forensic institutions make use of these types of refrigerators to store dead bodies. Dead body freezer box Kolkata from Anthyesti is a right choice.

There are ample of reasons why one prefers using the dead body freezer box. The foremost reason to use is its cost-effectiveness and the straightforward ways of saving the corpse to get decomposed. You can book or hire the freezer box that can keep the body at the temperature below 40F. Freezing the dead body adds to environment-friendly features.

The service are low cost also offer quick accessibility. The cost-effective is to hold the dead body in the freezer. The funeral homes and also the hospitals offers with dead body freezer box services. It is a form of the green body storage that does not release chemicals apart from the preservation methods. There are freezer ambulance and box aid that protects the dead body for the longer time span.




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