Using Clover for High-Risk Merchants


Obtaining a high risk merchant services often include a higher processing fees. These are the businesses that are prone to higher chargeback rates by banks. Any business that has a history of higher chargebacks is often considered to be a high risk business.

Usually, these businesses include online casinos, gambling portals, air travel booking, advanced booking websites, and pharma sites. However, they are not limited to these websites alone as there are other factors that determine how risky a business is.

It includes their personal or the credit score of the company that is looking for merchant services. Even if your business is selling products that has a higher chargeback period it might be considered a high risk business by the banks.

Clover Advantages

There are various advantages that come along with using a clover point of sale system for high risk merchant services .We look at some of the salient advantages that your business would be able to get when they choose a clover point of sale system.

Easy to Use Interface

One of the main problems that people think they would face is the technology that is associated with a POS system. They assume that the interface would be difficult to master considering how technologically advanced the output is from the POS system.

With the clover the interface is very simple to use. People who are accustomed to using a smart phone would find that using clover is a walk in the park. With minimal training they can begin using the clover system with no trouble whatsoever.

Clover in fact has understood this concept of smartphones and brought that into the system that they designed. This means that almost anyone can begin using clover and be able to master it in very little time. The touch screen makes things simpler for the layman to use it.

Connecting Other Clover Devices

It may be important for your business to use different clover systems. One good example that comes to mind is the clover mini. Unlike other POS systems in the market, the clover is able to integrate with other clover devices with minimal interference from humans.

The technology is as such that the connection between them would be seamless and easy. One has to try it to find out how easy it can be to connect multiple types of clover devices together to work as one for your business.

Powerful Applications

For your business to run without much hassles you would need to integrate technology into it. Humans can be judgmental and emotional when it comes to analysis and understanding the current trends. However, clover eliminates that and is not judgmental.

Apart from the regular transactions you would be able to add many more applications that can help run your business smoothly. You can access the app market of clover and download and add many more applications for your business.

So, you would not have to think of clover as just a POS system for transactions. It is capable of doing much more than that and more than what you had initially bargained for. You can brose through the app market and handpick the applications that would be of use.

Importance of Security

As a high risk merchant, you would have to understand the importance of security. As a business you already have enough trouble to handle as a high risk business. You would not want to be put into more trouble with added issues from hackers and other security issues.

Therefore, having a clover would be an important part of your business. The encryption that clover provides your business and transactions with can make it virtually impossible for anyone to hack into and steal information or money.

All the transactions are secured on clover along with providing added security for your customers. They can be assured that their financial details are not stolen by any third parties who are intending to use it for their own benefits.

Smarter Business

With the integration of a POS system like clover into your business you make it a lot smarter. You would be able to analyze the market better and understand customer trends like never before. This would allow you to make better predictions of the market.

You would be able to also make your marketing efforts work better for you once you obtain the necessary reports and analysis on customer trends. These things would make your business smarter and more profitable than before by all means.

The margin of error would be lesser when it comes to understanding the current trends. Your predictions can be better on what sells and what does not. This would be an important aspect of your business considering the amount of high risk that is involved with it.

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