What is Slow Carb Diet and how does it work.


It is very important to stay healthy and fit. But the daily routine and diet nowadays have changed so much and we need to follow some diet to stay fit and fine. There are so diet plans to follow. But it’s really difficult to choose which one to follow. One should understand a diet plan carefully before you select one for you. Here is all you would like to know about the Slow Carb Diet.

The basic change in any diet is the diet you intake, exercise and supplement regime. Slow-carb diet is similar to the ketogenic diet, i.e. very less intake of carbohydrates. You can enjoy a cheat day in a week and follow the diet for the rest 6 days. Let’s go ahead and know more about the slow carb diet

What is Slow Carb Diet?

Timothy Ferriss wrote the “The 4-Hour Body” in 2010 where he mentions about this diet plan and introduced The “Slow Carb Diet” to the world. The diet is very simple and effective if you follow the 5 basic rules of this diet. This diet stands on one basic thing that needs to be understood which is Minimum Effective Dose (MED), which simply means lesser intake and more output. You and also say to gain more work less. To lose weight we need to burn all extra fat and what more can one dream of other than doing this with minimum effort. All you need to do is have a diet full of animal protein, vegetables, legumes, fats and spices in proper proportion daily. And you have to stay away from refined carbs, fruits, and high-chlorine drinks. You can enjoy a day in a week with satisfying your taste buds by having a cheat day. Now let us see what are the basic rules you need to change or add in your diet.

The 5 Basic things you need to keep in mind while following this diet

  1. Try to no eat anything which has White Carbohydrates in it. Cereals and Food items made of refining flour. This should be strictly avoided to lose weight.
  2. Have the same meal again and again. Make your own recipes with the food which is allowed in this diet as there are some limits items that will not let your body gain weight.
  3. Calories Drink is strictly not allowed. There is no nutrition you get from drinks accept calories. Instead of a drink, one must intake all the calories needed from food and not drink.
  4. Fruits not allowed in this diet. Sugar intake slower the effect of the diet even fructose or the sugar in fruits.
  5. Have a cheat day every week. This might be the only diet that allows you to eat anything you can once in a week just like a keto diet.

Foods that you should eat in Slow Carb Diet

As mentioned above the 5 types of foods should be eaten in a slow carb diet. Let us have a look at those foods.

  1. Protein filled food items

Whole eggs. 1-2 eggs with egg white.

Breast and thigh of chicken

Beef better if grass-feed



Protein powder but lactose-free and unflavoured

  1. Legumes food items.

Beans are the best here. Black bean, Pinto Bean, Red Bean, and Soya Bean.


  1. Maximum Vegetables

Green vegetable like Spinach

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts.



Green Beans

  1. Fats intake is a must

Use olive oil to cook



Almonds and other nuts

Creamer one or two spoons daily

  1. Spices in your food


Garlic Salt

White truffle sea salt

All Herbs

Foods you should not eat in Slow Carb Diet

  1. Fruits are strictly to be avoided in this diet. Sugar may slower the process of weight loss. Fructose increases the capacity to absorb iron and lowers the level of minerals so fruits should be avoided here.
  2. Dairy products should not be in your intake. Dairy products increase insulin levels so you must avoid intake of any type of dairy product. Only cottage cheese is allowed just because it has more protein and less lactose level than other dairy products
  3. Fried Food Items should be not be consumed. Fried foods have very hi calories and nearly zero nutritional value so avoid fried food strictly.

Cheat Day plan

Do not plan your cheat day. Have anything and everything you what to have once in a week. Have a relaxed day without any worry about what you eat.

Which Supporting Supplements should you have?

These are the supplements that should be taken while following the slow carb diet

  1. Potassium

Tables of 99 mg with every meal you take in a day

  1. Magnesium 900 mg, i.e. 400 mg in the day time and additional 500 mg before you sleep
  2. Calcium per day you must have 1000 mg dose

These additional supplements can help you lose weight faster

  1. Policosanol – before bed

25 to 25 mg daily

  1. Alpha-lipoic acid – before every meal

100-300 mg daily

  1. Green tea – before every meal
  2. Garlic Extract – before every meal
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