What Is Cooltone and Does It Work?


People who want to spot reduce body fat often turn to CoolSculpting to contour their body by freezing away fat cells. This non-invasive procedure effectively reduces body fat.

But now, there is a new body contouring procedure that can help you look more toned. CoolTone is a new non-invasive procedure that uses focused magnetic muscle stimulation to firm up your muscles.

If you’re not familiar with CoolTone, this article will give you an overview of the procedure. It will also highlight how it works and how it can help you improve your body’s appearance. 

What Is CoolTone?

CoolTone is a procedure developed by Allergan, a leading international pharmaceutical and medical aesthetics company.

A CoolTone specialist uses a device to deliver magnetic stimulation to your muscle tissue. This causes your muscles to contract and firm up muscle fibers. 

These muscle contractions are similar to what you would do with sit-ups or squats, but they are more powerful and effective.

What Muscles Does CoolTone Target?

CoolTone is FDA-approved to improve muscle tone in your stomach, thighs, or buttocks. If you’ve been looking for how to tone up these areas of your body, CoolTone can help. One body contouring appointment with CoolTone is like doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats!

Also, studies have shown that patients gained as much as 16% muscle mass after four CoolTone treatments. 

How Long Does CoolTone Take?

One body toning CoolTone session takes about 30 minutes. There is no recovery time associated with this treatment, and you can go about your daily schedule when it is complete.

The recommended course of treatment is four treatments in the first two weeks. Results are visible within two to four weeks! After your initial treatment plan, you can plan a schedule for additional treatments to maintain your new toned look.

How Does the Procedure Feel?

If you’re worried about pain, don’t be. There is no pain associated with CoolTone.

The muscle contractions created by the magnetic stimulation are noticeable, but not uncomfortable. CoolTone is generally well tolerated.

Can I Use CoolTone and CoolSculpting Together?

In a word, yes!

Some people choose CoolSculpting to “freeze away” excess body fat. They also add the CoolTone process to develop muscle fibers and create a more toned appearance. It’s a complete body-shaping solution. 

Reshape Your Body

CoolTone is a safe, non-invasive, and FDA-approved procedure to improve muscle tone in your buttocks, thighs, and stomach. If you’ve struggled with exercises and diets to improve your appearance, CoolTone can help with your body contouring goals in just a few weeks. There is no recovery time or special care required, and you can use CoolTone long-term to maintain your results. 

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