What is Brand Identity? What Makes it Crucial?



What is Brand Identity? What Makes it Crucial?


Your brand identity is what makes the brand exclusive and unique in the market. Small or big, both business types need a strong brand name in the market. And, no wonder why brands are crazy to create a good image – it portrays the whole business. A brand identity agency company does complete homework before creating anything.


Do not misinterpret brand identity with a brand image – there’s a lot of difference between the two. The former is the composition of logos, HOTELS color & graphics used and brand’s language you use.


If you notice carefully, the strongest identities are quickly recognized, as they contain influence people. Eminent brands such as such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Amazon, etc.


But what if your business is not super successful? Does it still need a powerful brand identity?


Why is Brand Identity Important for Any Business?

Take a look at the importance of brand identity:


Price Exclusive

Brand identity rules the price premium. Think. Why would someone be happy to pay more price for a Lexus than a Hyundai?

They are almost the same, except for a few additional accessories. Now, this is when brand identity plays an important role.


Another great example is Apple. Their competitors are as good as Apple, but one need not put efforts to attract customers to Apple products. A professional brand design services company works on a brand in such a way that offers maximum benefit to it.


Where for small businesses, an identity positions your business in the mind of your customer. Understanding the need for brand identity, it’s imperative to use it your favor irrespective of the business size.


Understanding Quality  

If you think Lexus has better quality than other cars, it’s not so. In fact, there are several cars that have better quality and offer low price yet people don’t buy them. The reason is simple – brand identity creates more importance for a brand.


If we think about small businesses the same way, with a strong brand identity, it’s possible to create a positive image in the customer’s mind.


Thus, to get more profits, your business should look better. A brand identity design agency works carefully on the points that make a brand create a robust image.



A business entity with strong reliability means it is reliable and experienced. And such businesses are usually seen as trustworthy than without a good brand identity.


A professional business that is reliable and efficient is counted amongst top quality providers. So if you want people to notice you in the market, be reliable to your customers.


With a good brand identity, a brand looks more established and take you to the level of bigger organizations.


Strong Recognition

If your business holds a strong identity, customers quickly recognize a brand. It states that people are likely to buy a product that has a strong identity rather than one, unknown to the market. With a brand identity consulting company, it’s easy to associate customers to your brand by creating a positive feel in the market.


If customers are happy with what you offer, there are chances that you can create powerful customer loyalty in the market. You must have heard that people like to associate themselves with top brands. This is where brand identity works for them.



Every brand wants to differentiate its brand from the rest.


A brand identity does its best in creating an identity that stands out a brand. Not just that, it also helps you charge a premium price for your products. This elevates the brand to new heights and makes it more strong and efficient in the market.

Whether you are a startup or a well established company, what works best is creating a good brand is the increased revenue gained after increased market ratio. And a brand identity agency makes it possible to create a good platform for the brand.



In this world of competition, it’s essential you create a quality brand image of your brand. This will not just help you in the market, but also escalate your position amongst the competitors. No matter whether you have a small or large business, with a positive brand identity, you can reach new milestones.


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