Marble Cutting Machines in India


Stuck in between furnishing your house? Need equipment to cut tough material such as marble? Traditional tools and equipment have been replaced by new technical and easy materials to do these tedious tasks easily without time consumption. Marble cutter is one such hand tool that is used by masons and other technicians to ease their labor. It is a specific tool for cutting precisely marble instead of using a tile cutter or angle grinder.

Raw marble in its entirety cannot be used in the constructing and building of anything. Precise cutting and manipulating it is necessary to do it to bring fineness and style to the end product. Thus hand machinery like marble cutters is an essential commodity. Being a powered tool, this helps in the easy completion of work with all quality. The marble cutter is simple machinery that consists of a motor with a heavy duty plastic or metal body. A handle is mounted on the top for usage and it has a cutting wheel with an axial mounting so that it stays to one side. 12000 rpm is the no-load speed range of an ordinary marble cutter. Its dimensions are 30x25x20cm and it has only a minimum weight of 2.5kg making it easy to handle for everyone.

A marble cutter has several advantages making it a constant choice in the building. A precise and clear cut can be made using a marble cutter and hence the end product requires very less finishing. The precision and quality of the blade determine the clarity and precision of the cut. Hence good quality blades have to be used. The functioning of a marble cutter does not end in marbles. It can be used to cut various other things such as wood, concrete, and metal. It is designed in such a way that the angles and depth of the range can be controlled as the demands of the user. Ball bearings are instilled to produce frictionless outputs. The sole plate can be adjusted to make angled cuts.

Blades of various diameters can be used to achieve cuts of various depths depending on the machinery. A 110 mm diameter blade can achieve you a 90 mm cutting depth. When it comes to purchasing a marble cutter or the marble cutting blade Eastman is the best. They provide you with the choice of availing the product online through their online shopping portal. Having years of experience in trade Eastman provides a wide range of quality products at affordable prices. The marble cutting machine price and the blade price offered by Eastman is attractive, as a good quality product from a wide range of products is offered at real affordable prices making it the highlight. Shopping has moved from traditional shops and commercial spaces to online websites and portals. Eastman provides their range of products in their online portal making it accessible for a wide audience. Accessibility and affordability for good products they offer make them stand out in the market and makes them most opted choice when it comes to shopping hand tools and powered tools.

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