What Are The Latest HR Industry Trends In India?


The HR landscape is changing rapidly. At one time the market is gifted with AI in HR and the other time it demands sentiment analysis. Basically, there is no limit to what technology can be made to do for us and because of the same, the HR industry has an altogether new list of HR trends frequently.
But, there are certain trends that continue to prevail. So, in this blog, we will tell you the trends that are here for long. Take a look.


  • Social media hiring and behaviour analysis-
    With the increase in adoption of HR software, the recruiters are left with time to follow candidates and contact them where they want to be i.e social media. Now, the recruiters have started using social media for recruitment. AI will be used proactively in the coming years to remove unconscious bias and analyse the behaviour of the candidates. For the same, facial expression, gestures and voice will be tapped using AI. Blind hiring technology is also in the pipeline.
  • Artificial intelligence and chatbots-
    AI is the most worked upon aspect in the HR software market. So, this year will see advancements in  AI even more. Chatbots and AI will improve the experience of employees, candidates and HR. The functions will get more streamlined which will help in saving time and costs.
  • Big data science and data analytics-
    The HR software is now capable of centralising the data which is very useful for the MNCs. The data collected can easily be turned into meaningful and actionable reports. The same will help the companies in making more informed and accurate data-driven decisions.
  • Applicant tracking-
    Half of the problems of a recruiter are solved when they start using applicant tracking system. The same helps the recruiter at the time of sourcing candidates for various positions. The software searches the best candidates for a vacant position according to the skills you require.
  • Gamification-
    Gamification will become a part of every HR software very soon. The software will be able to configure a path to boost and appreciate the performance of the employees. There will be a reward plan in place and much more.
  • Mobile as SaaS-
    Geofencing and geo attendance will be provided by more and more  HR software vendors. The cloud model will continue to be the popular choice as it makes integration, accessibility and management way easier. Mobile apps will be used by companies to apply and approve requests and do various other things that the software application will allow them to.


The aforementioned trends are the ones that will continue to be a part of HR industry trends for the coming years as well. Apart, from these, there are new advancements in HR in terms of technology people analytics, sentiment analysis. Moreover, the HR software vendors are always formulating some or the other way to bring a radical change in the way HR work. Nonetheless, gamification is the latest one out of the lot which is still seeking adoption.

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