Use Transpore Tape And Secure Medical Tubing Or Dressings With Ease


Adhesive tapes are very useful in wound care. They are a key ingredient of the first-aid box at clinics or home for their multi-purpose nature and extensive uses. The transpore kind of tapes are used to secure medical tubing and dressings requiring a solid hold onto the skin or wound site. Hypo-allergenic and translucent in nature, these tapes offer strong adhesion and help a great deal in wound management and other medical tasks. Doctors find it easy to tear these tapes into strips and can even use them while wearing gloves. You can buy these tapes online and serve a variety of medical purposes in an easy manner.

Here are some of characteristics of transpore tapes –

1#    Multipurpose uses

Like most surgical tapes, the ones belonging to transpore variety are known for multipurpose uses. Their main utility, however, lies in securing medical tubing and dressings onto the skin. Medical professionals prefer these tapes over others purely for their ability to provider a stronger hold. Their uses extend to areas wherever tapes widths need to be customized and then used. They ensure good adhesion to the skin and tubing and thus, serve medical purposes perfectly.

2#    Sticks to anything

Good adhesive tapes are those that can stick to anything without applying too much of force. Although they are meant for medical purposes, the ability to stick to anything makes them multi-purpose in the true sense. These tapes are supposed to be applied dry and you can trust them to stick through hair, sweat and moisture in an easy manner. Plus, they even won’t pose any problems in sticking through blood!

3#     Waterproof

Wound sites are prone to infections taking place due to dampness. So, high-quality tapes are required to be waterproof and keep such risks away. More importantly, tapes need to stay on even when you take a shower or go swimming or come in contact with water through the day. For that reason, you should buy a tape that is waterproof so that you can protection in any and every situation while going everyday activities with ease.

4#   Easy to tear

You can’t tear cloth tapes easily. They are strong and can’t be torn in a desired manner. On the other hand, the transpore variety ones can be ripped easily using just fingers. This gives them the ability to be cut into shapes and get tailored to suit different skin and wound sizes with ease. For that reason, you have to buy a tape that is easy to tear so that you can serve multiple purposes in an easy manner.

5#    Breathable

Doctors use 3m transpore tape as it can allow moisture to evaporate away from the skin and help in quick healing of wounds. The tape is breathable in nature so that a healthy flow of air is allow to circulate around the wound site. It does not let wound sites to suffocate as it might delay the healing to a great extent. Plus, it’s transparent and porous as well so that medical professionals can observe wounds in an easy manner.

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