Unique Experiences to Take in Kashmir


If you are a born vagabond and dream of wandering in a sky amidst of natural beauty then Kashmir would be your perfect destination and with cheap flight tickets online it will be more easier to get there. Heavy lifestyle of cities makes you bold but the tranquil atmosphere in paradise of earth would make you humble. The lush green view of hill; the colourful series of houseboats and shikaras; the storming rivers and the enchanting monasteries, Jammu and Kashmir is the place of wonders. Every nook and corner of the vibrant state is blessed with unmatched beauty. Besides sightseeing the beautiful places, there is much more one can receive in his/her Kashmir tour packages.

Listed below are some weird activities that travelers must do in Kashmir.

  • Taste the food of Kashmir with Kashmiri people

I know this would seem not fit for everyone and many of us even won’t like to do but trust me once you talk to the locals here, you would know the real meaning of hospitality and humanity. Enjoying palpable cuisines dipped in the politeness and compassion of the locals will sweep you off your feet. To add more thrills to your visit, try to stay in rental household with Kashmiri family instead of hotels. Spending your whole day with them would give you deeper understanding of their culture. Don’t miss to drink ‘Kahwa’ tea, the trademark of Kashmir.

  • Learn to craft

More you look, more you would admire crafted products of the state. The quality, design and the creative appearance is awe-inspiring. But why only shopping, do some learning as well. Meet the craftsmen and the local artisans, who work day and night to get you amazing products. Learn the nuances of designing and crafting. Have a look to their equipment and never the less motivate and applaud them for their work. It would be a great exposure for you to collect a lifetime experience.

  • Define your status by playing golf

This sport has always been associated to the rich and royal. The leisure event is hardly experienced in small cities but in Kashmir it is ubiquitous. The state is home of few world-class golf courses set amidst gorgeous landscapes. Sport clubs hold various tournaments in a year for golfer and visitors too can try their hands in the sport. One of the major attractions is the Gulmarg golf course which is the most elevated in the world.

  • Explore the lesser known destinations

When you list the places to visit in Kashmir, do keep Gulmarg Sonamarg, Srinagar etc. But, for a unique outing, select lesser known places too that have untouched beauty to amaze you.  In Kashmir there are several small towns that are heavenly beautiful but don’t have heavy visitor traffic, Patnitop is one of them. Adventure seekers could also visit Doodganga and Neelnag which are rarely reached due to their aloof location but an exciting place to stay.

  • Accept challenge to trek the Frozen Zanskar river

I bet you, regardless how many treks you have covered in your past and experience gathered through those rugged trails, this trekking experience is the toughest you would face. The ‘Chadar trek’ in Ladakh is evolved after the Zanskar river get completely freeze in winter. Walking on white slippery ice is dangerous yet exciting and thrilling.

Everyone should visit Kashmir once in a lifetime to know how it looks to be in Heaven alive. It is matter of proud for every Indian that Kashmir belongs to us.

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