Adventure at its best in Sikkim


Sikkim; the state is not only known for glaciers, monasteries, alpine meadows and several species of flora & fauna, but also the home of many adventurous and exciting tasks. Just imagine how thrilling it could be to visit the place which is bordered by three different countries. Certainly, one could witness the diverse culture and get delighted through its fresh air, wonderful hospitality, palpable cuisines, treks and rivers. There is plentiful for everyone here, especially to those adventure seeking souls.

In this article we will tell about various adventurous events, which one should experience in Sikkim.

  • Trekking

One could refer Sikkim as the warehouse of the mountain trails. Certainly yes, it holds many enchanting treks which are capable of giving the everlasting experience individually. The place is suitable for every kind of crazy junkies, whether it is a beginner, or an experienced trekker, they get the trek which is a sheer test of their skill on the level. Trekking here is much more than continuous follow to the trail, one get mourning peace to the heart through the beauty of nature. Some of the most popular and important trails of the region are Dzongri Trek, Goecha La Trek, Green Lake Trek, Sandakphu Trek and Kanchenjunga Trek.

  • River Rafting

The journey is now shifted from one extreme to another, after the high altitude mountains, it’s now time for the adventure in water. Rafting experience in river Teesta is none less than anecdote for adventure lovers. The flourishing river carving out from the magnificent Himalayas is capable of providing the ultimate sight of the panoramic beauty.  Along the riverbed, one could view the thick green forests, small villages and some portions of cultivation. Security concerns are must for the expedition, so it is suggested that rafter should wear and carry safety clothing. Also, there are several spots where one could settle the camp sites and relax.

  • Mountain biking

The expedition in Sikkim is endless; here comes another adventure event, which constitutes the backbone of adventurous hub of the region. Mountain biking is a rare sport which could be enjoyed in India. Riding a bike on the unparallel trails, full of twists and turns is an amazing task to do. Vagabond riders who are quite daring and daunting, are free to take their own route, according to their imagination and consciousness. Along the route, two wheelers can sight see many landmarks like Monasteries and Lakes. Apart from this the countryside of the state and lifestyle of the region can be well experienced.

  • Rock climbing

One of the most loved adventurous sports across the world is well within the range to be experienced in Sikkim. The sport is a desire for every adventure freak, but certainly the most challenging one as well. The thrilling event requires much physical strength and mental stability. Mounting a natural Himalaya rock is just like a dream come true experience. Basically, there are two types of climbing activity, free climbing and aid climbing, both requires expert guidance and equipments to be executed. It is suggested that do consider the climatic condition before you start the wonderful expedition.

  • Paragliding

It is another adventure sport found in Sikkim. The sport is specifically for those who are comfortable on high altitude. This tour would give you the best scenery of the region rich in flora and a lush green river that flows along the meadows. One who desire to fly in the sky as a free bird, certainly this sport could make your wish come true. For this experience, visit the Luing Resithang, which lies close to Gangtok’s Khel Gaon in the eastern part of Sikkim.

Sikkim tour packages are in high demand for the activities they offer. There are much more than established monuments and natural creatures in the region.

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