Trekking Can fill you with Fun and Freshness


There are so many things that you can do in this 21st century for your leisure and pleasure. Whether you are a student, work in an office or a business man, you can make your routine absolutely fresh with different activities. Even if you carry out something new once in a week or month, you can feel fresh and uplifted. Of course, if you are in Mumbai, you might be thinking that everywhere you see, you get traffic, right? Well, once you explore, you will get new things to do and explore.

How about some Trekking?

You heard it absolutely right. You can do trekking right in and around Mumbai. You need not to go to any other corner of the country or world to enjoy this enthusiastic and fun filled activity. Many people are there who make the most of trekking near Mumbai during their holidays or simply on their weekends. So, if you want to bring in some zeal and excitement in your life, just check out the following spots around Mumbai and you are good to go for your trip.

Vasota Trek in Maharashtra

Also, called Vyaghragad, Vasota Fort is one of the very popular forts for trekking in the Sahyadri. Vasota Fort trek in Maharashtra is famous as one of the finest treks of this region because of its beauty and wilderness. As the fort is located near Konya Wild Life Sanctuary, this fort is enveloped by dense forests and river that makes the destination a perfect one for trekkers to probe into its natural charm and forget about distance they cover. Linked with Maratha history this fort still possesses its historical charisma that gives time to Trekkers to explore the fort and go for exploration after reaching the top of this fort. This fort also caters breath taking view of the forests of the wildlife sanctuary and the Konya Backwaters. Here the maximum Altitude is 3842 ft.

Bhimashankar Trek in Maharashtra

Located in the Western Ghats of state of Maharashtra and stretching over an area of around 120km, Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is rapidly emerging as a very popular weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. Home to the endangered huge squirrels, the wildlife protected are claims of extensive flora and fauna and caters spectacular views of its plush green forests and Sahyadri mountain range that environs the sanctuary.

This spot is yet to be completely discovered by the travellers and tourist and therefore still radiates a tranquil and rustic charm. Bhimashankar also fascinates pilgrims to the spiritual Jyotiralinga Temple mapped amidst the wilderness. Its nature trail is somewhat an easy small trek near Pune wherein you can soak in natural wild charm of the forest.

So, when are you going to experience some thrill and charm right in Mumbai? Come on, don’t be so packed in your schedule that you fail to enjoy the trekking activities around you. Such boosting activities can fill you with so much of fun, thrill and adventure. Just plan out an outing and you will love it for sure!

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