Today, because of the fast-growing internet accessibility, people are turning to online buying for all their needs like groceries, clothes, electronics, shoes, accessories, even fruits and vegetables. You can buy everything with the help of the internet. Why people are switching to online buying instead of buying from shops? The reasons are many. People are quite busy these days, and it’s not at all easy for them to wobble around the busy markets, searching the product for long and spending so much of their precious time in billing queues.

Online shopping apps provide you with the benefit of relief buying. You can shop anything at a time that is convenient for you not merely when the shops are open. It is lot more comfortable than an outdated shopping method. Networked shopping renders you wide range of same products- different brands, style, patterns, designs etc. One of the most important features of online shopping app is that it enables you to compare brands, style, patterns, designs and even price of the product of different shopping apps.

In case the product ordered online disappoints you, for not being the same as shown on the app, you have the option to return and exchange the product. Online shopping apps also give you plenty of discounts and gifts. By availing discount benefits, you can buy the product at a price lower than the real. Just beware of the apps that are fake and provides you with various offers to tempt you and swindle you.

Usually, it is believed that only, women need the trend to be followed, they are the fashion queens, men can wear anything.  But this fashion industry is booming and came in the spotlight like never before. Fashion trends are very dynamic. These changes are so quick that you can’t even cope up. But some clothing material, the trend for which never fades away and are one of the most protean attires is a men’s t-shirt.

T-shirts are the most evergreen attire of every wardrobe. It can be worn casual as well as smart casual wear. It can be paired up with almost every clothing material present in your closet. Some ultimate hacks for mens t shirts that you are going to love are as follow. First of all, I would love to tell you about the t-shirt maturity scale. On this scale, you got young on one side and mature on others. Ideally, you should dress according to your age. If you are a college student, you can afford to dress a little bit more on the young side. But if you are above the age of 22, you can dress scantily higher at this scale.

Now the question may arise in your mind that what makes you look younger and older in t-shirts? There are two primary factors firstly, whether it’s a graphic t-shirt that involves a pattern or it is plain t-shirt. And another factor, whether it is of bright color and colorful or it’s dark or white.  Bright and colorful t-shirts with lots of patterns make you look younger whereas dark or white color t-shirt makes you look older. If you combine these two factors it leads to an average-looking t-shirt like( YOUNG FACTOR + MATURE FACTOR)= AVERAGE.

Combination like a dark t-shirt that has a pattern on it doesn’t really make you old or young. Similarly, if you wear a plain t-shirt that is bright in color makes you look average not much older or younger. But if you wear a bright color t-shirt with lots of patterns, it makes you look younger. Secondly, you need to buy a t-shirt that fits like a glove in your body. It should be neither extra long that covers your entire hip portion nor too short that expose your skin inside when you lift your arm. A t-shirt that you select would be of medium length. Next, if I talk about sleeve length, ideally you should go for short and fitted sleeves, it should cover your entire shoulder muscle. Your t-shirt should be fitted from the upper torso region and loosely fitted from your mid-torso region. Also the neckline, soul of every t-shirt. should be tight, thin and elegant.

Last but not least is save money. When it comes to spending money on building a perfect wardrobe, you don’t need to spend so much. It’s about buying a few classic pieces starting with black v- neck t-shirts and white v- neck t-shirts, the trend for which never goes out. It is something that every guy needs in their wardrobe. Colors like solid grey, navy blue, olive green and brown are the most versatile colours that you can pair it with everything. T-shirts with some quirky prints that give you funky look are also the one which is most admired. So these are the ultimate guidelines for t-shirts that you are surely gonna love





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